Wyatt Mason VII

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Wyatt Mason VII was a lineup player for the Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams, and was with the team from the Second Wyatt Masoning until being echoed into Static on Season β14, Day 81.

Official League Records

Mason VII joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams in Season β14 as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning.

Wyatt Mason and Wyatt Mason VII echoed each other into Static when meeting on Day 81 of the same season.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Time in Hellmouth

Wyatt Mason VII was localized onto the Sunbeams’ lineup during the Latesiesta of Season 14 as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning. Although its appearance was unexpected, its energetic and chaotic personality meant that it had little difficulty adjusting to the situation, and it quickly made itself at home on the team.

It played in 9 games, during which it showed great talent for running and stealing bases. It was able to move even faster along the basepath after acquiring a pair of rollerblades, which it has not been seen to take off at any point since. Not liking to stand still, it could often be seen skating circles around teammates while having a conversation.

Not much is known about Mason VII’s personal life, hobbies or preferences, since it only existed for a week. It was seen on more than one occasion listening to the music of Hellmouth-based band This Is a Tragedy, apparently on purpose. It has also expressed an affinity for a series of vlideo games about a brightly colored cartoon animal who, like Mason VII, likes to go fast.

On Day 81 of Season 14, Mason VII echoed into Static with Wyatt Mason of the Tokyo Lift and vanished. Some claim that it is “still with us in the PsychoAcoustics,” but it is unclear whether they mean this literally or merely in a poetic sense. It is rumored that the skate lessons taught at the Solarium on weekends are partly in honor of Mason VII, who, according to those who were close to it, “would have loved the Grind Rail."


Due to its unusual method of arrival and the brief time it spent in Hellmouth, it is difficult to tell whether Mason VII received an Adaptation or was “just like that” to begin with. Its enjoyment of infamous local band This Is a Tragedy has been pointed out as evidence that it must have Adapted, since no one without an Adaptation has ever willingly listened to the band’s music.

Some Hellmouth residents have reported seeing Mason VII apparently “teleport.” This ability is theorized to be its adaptation, although it is also possible that those residents simply blinked while looking at Mason VII and experienced the illusion of teleportation, since it is very fast. One researcher at Hellmouth Community College claims to have attempted to determine both its position and velocity at the same time and found this to be impossible, suggesting that the Hleisenberg uncertainty principle is in effect. Whatever the cause of this phenomenon, it seems to be more pronounced during Reverb weather, sometimes even causing Mason VII to appear to be in multiple places at once.


Even though Mason VII played on the Sunbeams for only a week, many of its teammates already considered it a friend by the end of that time. While it was on the team, various other players took it upon themselves to show Mason VII around Hellmouth and ensure it got “the full experience” during its time there- a gesture which could be described as reckless, but which Mason VII seemed to appreciate. After games, it was usually seen with Iggy Delacruz, who was Scattered at the time and allowed Mason VII to believe this meant they could easily be tricked into buying it ice cream.

Teammate Nagomi Nava, though still welcoming, was noted to behave oddly around Mason VII: sometimes giving it “weird looks” and, at other times, appearing unwilling to meet its eyes. It is speculated that this behavior was due to Nava’s Precognition allowing her to see that Mason VII would soon echo into Static.

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