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In Season β7 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finished fifth in the Wild League, and ninth in the ILB, winning two blessings and being affected by an additional one in the Season β7 Elections.

Despite missing the postseason, the Sunbeams celebrated placing first in the Wild Low division. Building off of the previous season's success, this was the team's first season with a positive win-loss record, and they managed to snatch up two blessings in the election that only continued their self-improvement arc.

Starting Roster

Season β7 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season β7 the Sunbeams were subject to one feedback, drained blood once, and were drained of blood twice.

Notable Games

In Season β7 some notable games for the Sunbeams include:

Election Outcomes

In the Election the Sunbeams won two blessings, and were affected by an additional one:

Season Overview

Girlbossing It Up

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
After unexpectedly trading places at the end of the season prior, Alaynabella Hollywood and Hahn Fox had to settle into their new homes in Boston and Hellmouth respectively. Hollywood was helped in her adjustment by Margarito Nava, Nagomi Nava's "cousin",[1] and found a love for floristry when she helped to run the incinerated Hurley Pacheco's flower shop. Her hellhound form adjusted too, growing sprays of flowers among its fur.

Fox and Hollywood, two of the "Wild Low Women" trio with third member, Beck Whitney
by @MariDraws

Meanwhile, Fox was discovering that her close relationship with Miami’s Party Rock protected her against the worst of the effects of the Hellmouth, a first sign of the complex relationships between the various Blaseball team entities. Splitting time between her new Hellmouth home and her wife Priya Fox's house in Miami, "Wild Low's Darling" quickly got to work explaining to the Sunbeams that certain parts of Blaseball, such as attending practice and having a Captain, were important. The Sunbeams insist that this had no effect on their performance in the season.

The Sunbeams Are Good(?)

For the first time the Sunbeams ended a season with a positive win-loss record! Not only that, but they finished in the top half of the league, in ninth place! They very nearly made it into the post-season! The team’s success made it very easy to ignore the necromancy and bloodbath[2] that plagued the Mild League all season.[3]

Although one player was not there to see xir team’s success. After the disintegration of xir relationship with Iggy Delacruz, Malik Romayne chose to transfer to the Houston Spies, Feedbacking with Joe Voorhees on Day 60. While Romayne left the team on a melancholy but mostly amicable note, Voorhees left the fans unnerved by his demeanor and similarly unhappy with his complete lack of skills. Fortunately for the performance of the team, the Sunbeams were blessed with Downsizing in the Elections, sending Voorhees to the recently discovered Shadows with no replacement and cutting the Sunbeams’ lineup to eight players.

Gif of Joe Voorhees flashing a peace sign and fading away in front of the \"Welcome to Utah\" sign.
Joe Voorhees retreats to the Shadows...
by Ash

The discovery of the Sunbeams' shadows drew particular interest from the recently formed Blaseball department of the Hellmouth Community College. Unfortunately, they were unable to gain any grant money for their studies, as they were blocked by the HCC's Blaseball playing professors, Hendricks Richardson and Nerd Pacheco. Newly arrived from Breckenridge, Richardson had established himself as the economics professor at HCC, pioneering the study of Hellmouth's unique money-free economy along with his teaching assistant Throckmorton Smooth. Pacheco, long time faculty member, enjoyed having someone to eat their packed lunch with.

  1. Allegedly.
  2. No, not THAT one.
  3. Sidenote: Dominic Marijuana has passed away.