Determination Montgomery

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Determination Montgomery is the batting coach of the Hellmouth Sunbeams. They are an ophanim, but have been imprisoned in the body of the Sunbeams’ previous batting coach, Spike Parmesan, in an incident which condemned the former to mortality and completely obliterated the latter’s soul. The circumstances surrounding Montgomery’s fall from heaven are hazy, but in multiple interviews and press releases they have cryptically suggested that it had something to do with the teams’ elusive head coach, allegations on which The Sun has declined to comment.

While initially popular with fans due to their commanding presence and sharp yet eccentric fashion sense, a rocky and sometimes tumultuous relationship with the rest of the team has since led many to the conclusion that Montgomery has failed to fill the shoes of their predecessor. In an interview with the Blaseball Enquirer, Alaynabella Hollywood described them as “basically incomprehensible” and “honestly a little terrifying”, referencing an incident in which they were caught on camera giving Nerd Pacheco a pregame briefing in the Language of Heaven. While Pacheco has since made a full recovery, the severity of the burns they suffered have left many team members wary of interacting with the new coach in any capacity.

During spring training for the "first" season, Igneus Delacruz spent time under the tutelage of Determination Montgomery. With this help, Delacruz was able to bring their pre-season post-batting mid-average up from -.120 to a cool .237. The Hellmouth Tribune reported that Montgomery was so moved by the effort Delacruz put forth that they gave Delacruz a half-star from their own rating.