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In Season β10 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finished last in the Wild League, and 18th in the ILB, winning two blessings and benefiting from an additional two in the Season β10 Elections.

Plummeting to their worst win-loss record yet, the Sunbeams put on their party hats, co-hosting Party Time with veteran partygoers, the Hawai'i Fridays. Wild Carding into the postseason, the team was swept a third time in the Division Series, but made out like bandits in the Election. However, it was all overshadowed by the final events of the season which resulted in the death of a coach no one was aware could die at all, and the return of two beloved players that everyone thought were dead for good.

Starting Roster

Season β10 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events

In Season β10 the Sunbeams drained blood eight times, and had their blood drained five times.

Election Outcomes

In the Election the Sunbeams won two blessings, and were affected by an additional two:



  • Black Hole passed with 343,191 Votes, 50% of all Decree Votes.


Season Overview

Late to the Party

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
The season started with a bang as an Umpire finally tried to take out last surviving Precog, Nagomi Nava, on Day 1 only for her to surprise everyone and eat the flame and soon after hit the League’s first magmatic home run. Additionally, the team soon discovered that batter Dudley Mueller found a taste for blood, impressing everyone with how quickly it grew. Meanwhile, Sandoval Crossing became the apparent best friend of many birds that hovered around The Solarium.

Sunbeams Season 10 Enhanced Party Time recipients: Nagomi Nava, Zack Sanders, Eugenia Bickle, Sutton Bishop, Sandoval Crossing, Dudley Mueller, and Lars Taylor
Congratulations Hellmouth Sunbeams! You are now in #PARTYTIME!
by larkine

Despite all of this, the Sunbeams ended up having their worst season yet, entering Party Time on the same day as the Hawai'i Fridays. The two teams decided to host their party together, electing to hold the event on the Moon, both for the incredible views and the increased distance from any kind of earth-shattering events that the threatened second Day X might bring. Making up for three seasons of missed opportunity, the team wasted no time and spent the rest of the season partying.[1]

However, after the conclusion of Day 99 when the Wild Cards were drawn, the Sunbeams were dragged back to Earth as a Wild Card alongside the New York Millennials. The teams spent their time as fellow Wild Cards coming up with joint cheers such as LGMASBLDMASDMASADWCBLDWC[2] and before the series even ended, they had signed a lease together, becoming long-distance roommates. During the series itself, the Sunbeams accidentally swept the Unlimited Tacos out of their first postseason appearance before being swept yet again by Baltimore Crabs, sending the team right back to the Moon and their party.


In the final game of the postseason, a single from Crabs hitter Tot Fox brought Silvaire Roadhouse home and the Crabs' score to 10. Sol, the Sun, coach of the Sunbeams, patron to Sandoval Crossing, collapsed. The Moon, host to Party Time, was swallowed by the newly formed Black Hole. While everyone successfully evacuated from the Moon during, several Sunbeams with a close metaphysical connection to Sol experienced severe reactions.[3] Monsieur Beam, former personal assistant to the recently deceased, described it as "a stressful time for the whole team".

A digital illustration of Randy Marijuana & Emmett Internet. Randy is on the left is a, with a burn scar across his face. Water trails out of one eye. He has horns, and is holding a blaseball bat. To his right is a Emmett. Emmett has a massive monitor for a head, on which are displayed a finger pointing at the viewer, a thumbs down, and a frowny face with sunglasses. Below those on the screen are the words \"GET FUCKED\". He has wires for arms and is holding a bat and a ball. Both have large tentacles sprouting from their backs.
“Whaddya say we hit it with a combo attack, Em?”
by @sn0wglass

As if that was not enough drama for the team, Day X began immediately after the postseason ended. When the Hall Stars rose, former Sunbeams Randall Marijuana and Emmett Internet were called to join their ranks. Marijuana scored the teams’ first run of the game and proved instrumental, and Internet provided an excellent soundtrack and moral support for the rest of the team. Following their Release, Marijuana and Internet returned to Hellmouth hand-in-hand[4] to reunite with their friends and family.

I Can-nut Believe It!

Over the course of the season, the Sunbeams latched on to one of the blessings being offered: Nut Button. However, this blessing was also sought by their new rivals the Chicago Firefighters, resulting in many playful insults, parking lot fistfights and propaganda battles over it throughout the season. In the Election, the Sunbeams emerged victorious from the "Nut Button War", started Sharing Signs with the rest of their division, and were gifted Fourth Strike from the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Finally, the team won the Walk in the Park blessing and the Wild Low teams all took a Walk in the Park together!

  1. And partying and partying some more.
  2. Let's go Mills and Sunbeams baby love da Mills and Sunbeams da Mills and Sunbeams are da wild cards baby love da wild cards.
  3. Including but not limited to psychic feedback, memory loss, and wilting.
  4. Unfortunately for Ren Morin.