Hellmouth Sunbeams/Season 8

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In Season β8 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finished second in the Wild League, and fourth in the ILB, winning one blessing in the Season β8 Elections.

Season β8 marked the Sunbeams first postseason appearance after a strong second place finish in their League, behind only the powerhouse Baltimore Crabs. Despite their postseason run being short, the Election would turn out to be a game changer as the team underwent a blood transfusion granting them their signature modification, Base Instincts.

Starting Roster

Season β8 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season β8 the Sunbeams drained blood twice, were drained of blood twice, and were subject to one yummy reaction.

Notable Games

In Season β8 some notable games for the Sunbeams include:

Election Outcomes

In the Election the Sunbeams won one blessing:

Season Overview

The New Sunbeams

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
Coming out of the previous season’s Election, the Sunbeams entered Season β8 boosted and ready to perform. Thanks to encouragement from new batting captain Hahn Fox and previous Internet Series attendee Hendricks Richardson, every player worked hard, even showing up to practice on a somewhat regular basis and paying attention in drills. This approach began to pay off! On Day 28, Lars Taylor with one whole pitching star joined an elite group during a game against the eventual season champions, the Baltimore Crabs. The Crabs began the matchup with a score of -2 due to Targeted Shame and Taylor gave up two runs, resulting in a two-run shutout.

A yummy peanut for Dudley Mueller on Day 71 only helped the team in their quest, and they were rewarded with another season at the top of Wild Low. With an even better record than Season β7, the team had earned themselves their very first ticket to the postseason! Once there, the Sunbeams were promptly swept by the Houston Spies, but the achievement of getting there in the first place was sweet enough to dull the sting. Players celebrated with a round of smoothies, already looking towards the Election.

Even newer players were swept up in the thrill of winning. Famously indifferent to Blaseball, Richardson canceled a lecture for the postseason smoothie. Nerd Pacheco, a fellow lecturer at Hellmouth Community College, was notably surprised to actually socialize with their new coworker. Meanwhile, Eugenia Bickle had reported that they, "Didn't even notice him."[1] This air of team camaraderie appears to have served them well as they went into a hotly contested election.

Walking on The Sun

Following this new air of team unity after so many seasons of change, the Sunbeams won a chance at a shared blood transfusion. The team’s new Base blood allowed them to succumb to their Base Instincts and discover a new strategy — simply ignoring the rules. Through this method the team has been seen walking past first base when drawing a walk, strolling all the way to second and even third. Though a delight to the laid-back Sunbeams, many competitors were quick to question, "Is that allowed?" There are no current reports as to whether or not anyone has ever followed up with that question.

  1. Richardson is a very large dragon.