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In Season β12 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finished second in the Wild League, and third in the ILB, winning no blessings in the Season β12 Elections.

Discombobulated from the long siesta but still coming down from the high of their first Internet Series win, the Sunbeams entered the Expansion Era. This momentum carried the "Longest Reigning Champs" to another 1st place finish in their division, and to the postseason Championship Series, where they once again met the Hades Tigers. While their postseason run ended there, the team felt content to watch their anti-rivals earn a third championship with no Ascension threat in sight.

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Season β12 Starting Roster
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In Season β12 the Sunbeams were drained of blood once and had one player shelled.

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Season Overview

Peanut Packing

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
Save for their bi-annual practices,[1] the Sunbeams spent the decade-long siesta lounging, lazing, and loafing around, all while making sure every other team knew they were the longest reigning Internet League Champions. The team entered the new era with an air of general indifference, performing shockingly well even without the support of seasonal modifications, and despite other modifications having unexpected effects.

A meme of Sandoval Crossing, in despair at the fact that she has not eaten a peanut at this point in the season yet. In the background, Miguel James is standing next to a shelled Nerd Pacheco who has a sign taped to them that reads "Nerd: Do not eat."
Peanut Despair
by Ash

Despite the Sunbeams' excitement about Sandoval Crossing gaining the Superyummy Modification in the Season β10 elections, the mechanics of the modification weren't discovered until Season β12. During this season, Crossing began to overperform in Peanuts weather but underperform in all other games. This hobbled the previously dominant pitcher, forcing them to rely on the remnants of a dead god, an ironic fate as they recovered from the death of Sun 1. For most members of the team, however, the siesta had given them a chance to recover from the tumultuous end to the Discipline Era, and they were back to their usual antics.

During a game against the Miami Dale on Day 52, Iggy Delacruz baffled league officials by forcing teammate Nerd Pacheco to run around hir while shi stayed on third base in the 5th inning, resulting in Pacheco getting a run on Hahn Fox's sac bunt. Delacruz was quoted saying: "You have legs Pacheco, don't you? Go around me," in response to being yelled at by Pacheco to run home.

Lars Taylor testing out their new flippers
by @HokutoHero

Packing Peanuts

On Day 56, former POD Peanut Bong tasted the Infinite and  SHELLED Nerd Pacheco. The team struggled having their teammate, friend, and impulse control stuck in a shell, experiencing the natural reactions of denial, anger, and cutting the sleeves off all of their shirts.

While the team won no blessings in the Election, they learned quickly how impactful the new Wills would be for the team each season. First, Lars Taylor was entrusted with Flippers, used to help batters during the now frequent floods. These were sure to be absolutely useless to Taylor as a pitcher. The team's second will packed a much harder punch when they Plundered league renowned batter Aldon Cashmoney of the Hades Tigers, a move that randomly selected the Shelled Pacheco to take vis place in Hades. This left the team stunned and cemented the beginning of a downward spiral as a result of their absence.

  1. Every two years, not twice a year.