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Priya Fox is a clinical therapist and wife of Hellmouth Sunbeams batter Hahn Fox.

Personal History

Fox is Florida Seminole from her great-grandparent Betty Mae (wife of Sherri Fox, who was the sibling of San Francisco Lovers player Tot Fox's great-grandmother Sonya, making Priya and Tot third cousins) and is a hijabi Muslim. She was awarded a M.Psych from Florida Immaterial University, and runs a practice in the City of Miami. Fox conducts virtual sessions with clients during Internet League Blaseball's off season, when she enjoys travel with her wife, Hahn Fox.

Fox is a vocal advocate for increased mental health availability for blaseball players.

Interactions with the Hellmouth

Fox is an unusual case in regards to the Hellmouth's common combination of repelling casual guests and drawing in residents. Fox has, notably, despite repeated visits to Hellmouth, not undergone Adaptation. Some speculate this is connected to an unseen, unverified Adaptation of Hahn Fox's, which guarantees Priya's safety and comfort in the region, making an Adaptation that would enhance Priya's safety unnecessary.

Fox is reportedly good friends with Dead Tom, the fan who cheered the Sunbeams on alone during home games at the The Solarium before Fox's regular forays to Hellmouth. The two are seemingly the only fans permitted by the hostile and repulsive architecture of the stadium to enter. Fortunately, the two will cheer with enough volume and enthusiasm — for both the home and away team — to make up for the lack of a crowd.

Multiple reports, none of which can be verified, claim during the Season β7 postseason a voice described as "unearthly", "booming" and "terrifying" with the Hellmouth itself as its point of origin uttered the phrase HELLO HAHN'S WIFE NICE TO MEET YOU. The fact this would coincide with Hahn Fox's first extended break from Blaseball following her Season β6 Election trade to the Hellmouth Sunbeams is purely coincidental.

Another, completely non-causal set of observations which can be made is Hellmouth's lack of cataclysmic-level anomalous behavior whenever Priya Fox is visiting.

Personal Life

  • Fox knits, a hobby she learned during holidays with her extended family in Breckenridge. She has knitted sweaters for all members of the Miami Dale past and present, most of the Hellmouth Sunbeams,[1][2][3] Dead Tom, and several more besides.
  • Fox is a two-time World Chase Tlag champion.

Fan Works

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  1. The exception is Hendricks Richardson, mainly due to sizing issues and sourcing sufficient yarn in a matching dye batch.
  2. Sigmund Castillo was initially gifted a woven tapestry, but Fox knitted additional humanoid sweaters for each of the gargoyles Castillo gained as part of their Adaptation.
  3. Sutton Bishop's sweater is somehow always capable of fitting, regardless of the number of tentacles Bishop is manifesting at the time.