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Dead Tom (also referred to by his stage name, "Dead Tom") is the official Fan™ of the Hellmouth Sunbeams and is present at every single home game, and every other away game. He has an assigned seat[1] in the middle of the right side of the bleachers.

Dead Tom is a skeleton who wears jean shorts, crocs, a neon pink tank top with the word "Cool" written on it, and an official Hellmouth Sunbeams hat. It's not uncommon for Dead Tom to be the only fan in attendance at Sunbeam home games due to the incredibly uninviting and hostile nature of the Hellmouth.[2] When asked about the heat, Dead Tom will often respond "Dude, I'm dead. I have no skin or organs. I'm here for some blaseball."


  • Grand County High School production of "The Nutcracker" (as the Nut, 1874)
  • Weekend at Bernie's (as the bones inside the corpse of lead actor Terry Kiser (as Bernie), 1989)
  • Muppets Treasure Island (as himself, 1996)
  • The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (Associate Producer, 2006)
  • Numerous convenience store security footages (as himself, 438 BCE - present)
  • Live footage of Hellmouth Sunbeams games (as himself, XX36 - present)
  • One time he filmed a dog riding on Randall Marijuana's skateboard (Director, Director of Cinematography, XX81)

Awards and Nominations

Year Title Category Result
1996 Muppets Treasure Island Outstanding Performance by a Skeleton Won
XX81 That Time he filmed a Dog on Randall's Skateboard Just A Really Good Video of a Dog Second Place
XX36-Present Hellmouth Sunbeams Sunbeams Fan of the Year Won


  1. Several trashcans and a tarp forming a makeshift palanquin.
  2. The Hellmouth Anti-Tourism Board would like to remind you that Lower Moab Scenic Overlook Field should never be visted! Dead Tom is a Professional Fan, and you should not try to imitate him, for your safety!!