Hellmouth Sunbeams/Season 11

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In Season β11 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finished first both the Wild League and the ILB, receiving the XII The Hanged Man tarot card in the Season β11 Elections.

Under the light of a new Sun, the Sunbeams didn't let anything stand between them and success. The team smashed the single-season run record, scoring 834 over the course of the season, 240 more than the previous record holders, and star batter Dudley Mueller became only the second player in ILB history to have a single-season batting average over 0.4, helping to lead the team's postseason run past the Division Series and all the way to their very first Internet Series. This, in addition to Lars Taylor's clutch pitching in two crucial games, helped the team bring home their first championship title.

Starting Roster

Season β11 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes

The Hellmouth Sunbeams experienced no changes to their roster over the course of the season or postseason.

Election Outcomes

In the Election the Sunbeams won one blessing:


  • XII blessed the Hellmouth Sunbeams.
    Teamicon sunbeams.png
    • The Sunbeams receive XII The Hanged Man.
    • The Sunbeams had 3% of the Votes. The Hades Tigers were the highest bidders with 11% of the votes. 79,176 votes were cast.

Season Overview

Are Ya Winning, Sun 2?

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
Coming into Season β11, the Sunbeams were still recovering from the loss of Sol, but a weather forecast full of nothing but Sol’s replacement Sun 2 and the Black Hole that had marked its death seemed to light a fire in the team, as they began to dominate the season. Fourth Strike, Base Instincts, and Walk in the Park proved to be a formidable combination, and the Sunbeams began to Loop like there was no tomorrow.

The Postseason that Never Ends

A digital drawing of two hands. One of the hands has dark reddish-orange tiger stripes on it, and is reaching upwards towards a pomegranate with stitching on the outside to resemble a blaseball. The other hand has glowing gold veins of light along it and is holding the hand with stripes by the wrist, pulling it back away from the pomegranate, which has a yellow ring of light around it. The background is a red-black ombre.
stay a little longer, please, for me
by @_pysics

With their best record of the Era, the Sunbeams were top of the League for the first time. Enjoying their position as first seed in the postseason, the team continued to prove that they were not going easy on their competition when they finished off a first-to-three series against the Houston Spies in a mere two games with an impressive 4-win differential.

In the Championship Series, the Sunbeams had an emotional stand-off against their long-time anti-rivals, the Hades Tigers, who were dangerously close to winning their third championship and following the Baltimore Crabs to Ascension. In a grueling six-game series that included multiple Black Hole and Sun 2 activations, both teams were sitting at 3 wins each going into the final game, where "Lone Star" Lars Taylor held against the Tigers long enough for the Sunbeams to Loop in Sun 2 weather and win the game outright, saving the Tigers from Ascension.

After such a drawn out series, Fans were hoping the Internet Series against the Seattle Garages would go by faster. However, in the third game, Nagomi Nava triggered Black Hole at the top of the 9th, making the team loop and lose what should have been an easy win and their final game. Then Iggy Delacruz did it again in game four. By game five, the entire League was begging for it to end, but with another Black Hole game, it seemed likely that it would happen yet again. By the bottom of the 7th inning, the Sunbeams had 9 runs to the Garages 5. The Sunbeams continued to get on base each inning, threatening to loop. In the end, they stayed at nine runs and Lars Taylor, one of the worst pitchers in the League, held the Garages at 5 runs, winning the Sunbeams their first ILB Championship.

Congratulations [champion]!

The Sunbeams win Season β11
by larkine

The Sunbeams gleefully claimed the honor of winning the most drawn out and frustrating Championship to date after biding their time near the bottom of the league for so long. In an unusual Election that only allowed each team to receive a single blessing that would determine their Major Arcana, the Sunbeams did not win the Sun as was planned, but rather the Hanged Man. While never confirmed, rumors began to circulate that careless handling of paperwork on the part of a particular M. Beam may have been the cause of this.[1] Even this couldn’t slow the Sunbeams following their success, and they entered the Grand Siesta under the light of a new sun, and excited for the future.

  1. Reports that Beam was spotted burning piles of paper in the Hellmouth desert in the hours following the election are unverified.