Hellmouth Sunbeams/Season 14

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In Season β14 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finished third in the Wild League, and seventh in the ILB, winning no blessings in the Season β14 Elections.

Aside from the week spent with speedster Wyatt Mason VII, the Sunbeams experienced no roster changes over the course of the season or postseason, and were swiftly swept from the postseason by the division-leading LA Unlimited Tacos. In the Election, Eugenia Bickle returned to the active roster, this time with a bat, and the lights got just a bit dimmer inside Sigmund Castillo as they were sent to the Shadows in their stead.

Starting Roster

Season β14 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events


Roster Changes

In Season β14 the Sunbeams had one player localize into their lineup, subsequently echo into static, and were drained of blood once.

Election Outcomes


  • Teamicon sunbeams.png
    • The Sunbeams chose to bring Eugenia Bickle forth from the shadows, via a foreshadow swap with Sigmund Castillo.
    • The Sunbeams made a roster move.
    • Sigmund Castillo entered the Shadows.
      • Combined 12.6 13.3
    • Foreshadow - 25% of all Sunbeams Will Votes
      This Filing - 93% of Sunbeams Foreshadow Votes
      Final Odds - 23% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon sunbeams.png
    • The Sunbeams choose Nagomi Nava to receive a trust.
    • The Homebody mod is entrusted to Nagomi Nava.
      • +  Homebody
    • Trust - 8% of all Sunbeams Will Votes
      This Filing - 23% of Sunbeams Trust Votes
      Final Odds - 2% chance of happening.

Season Overview

I Can Still Hear You in the Static....

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

The added presence of everyone's best friend Richmond Harrison proved to be an incredible morale-booster, and without access to Aldon Cashmoney's bank account the team could no longer indulge in every bad idea they came up with. Despite both having a rocky introduction to the team, new players Jayden Wright and Kaj Statter Jr. started to settle in as well, bonding over being the new kids in a well-established team dynamic.

League renowned "bad pitcher" Lars Taylor had an unusually good season, boasting the highest win percentage out of the team’s pitchers and attaining a career low ERA. When asked for clues about their sudden jump in skill, the team blamed a suspicious dose of coffee they had consumed earlier that season, which had yet to wear off by the end.

A digital drawing of Wyatt Mason VII
In the short time it had, the Sunbeams helped Wya77 experience as much as possible.
by Olive

During the Latesiesta, The Solarium finished its first ever Renovations: Solar Panels and PsychoAcoustics. The latter resulted in the roller-skating Wyatt Mason VII, fondly known as Wya77, being pulled through the Rift and landing at the end of the Sunbeams' lineup. Though unexpected, the Sunbeams embraced Wya77 with open arms and quickly became fond of the excitable speedster. Unfortunately, it was only nine days after Wya77’s arrival that it tragically echoed into Static with the Lift's Wyatt Mason, leaving the team mourning yet another sudden loss.

Meanwhile Eugenia Bickle didn’t spend long in the Shadows, joining the lineup in exchange for Sigmund Castillo during the Election. The first of the previously active Sunbeams to return from the Shadows, the rest of the team were eager to hear about her experiences. As well as tales of the large skull and smoothie tree in the mysterious Shadow Moabbey, Bickle described their harrowing time spent during Joe Voorhees and Blood Hamburger’s honeymoon:

I thought it was really sweet that they asked me to make up all of these bouquets for them. Until I saw Blood just chowing down on them like a goat or something. You’re not even supposed to be able to eat those flowers. They’re toxic.

With love in the air, and Nagomi Nava with the new Homebody Modification, the Sunbeams finished a rollercoaster of a season blessingless and were more than ready to take a rest going into the first offseason of the new era.