Hellmouth Sunbeams (Gamma 2)

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DANGER! High Voltage!
This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

The Hellmouth Sunbeams are a Blaseball team in the Liquid Good division of the Liquid Conference. They have been a part of Internet League Blaseball since Gamma 2, Season 1.


Lineup Rotation

Former Players

Feedback Swaps


  • Lurch Mondavi (Became a  Static Charge; Season 2 Election)

Season Results

Gamma 2 Season 1

 ?-? record


In the Election the Sunbeams won:

Election 2

Is the Election the Sunbeams won:

  • The Charge Will which discharged Lurch Mondavi, removing them from the roster. Mondavi became  Static as a result.