Monsieur Bean

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Monsieur Beam is personal assistant to Sol, head coach of the Hellmouth Sunbeams. Their forename and correct spelling of their surname were both lost in a clerical error.

Early life

Bean claims to have no memory how they were given this position, but are "pretty sure" it was outside their control and very, very important they accept.

Career with the Sunbeams

When not at the stadium, Beam works from the last skyrise standing in Hellmouth, on the 14th and only storey. The Chicago Firefighters issue a citation whenever they're in town, as the office can only be accessed by a disembodied elevator - a clear fire safety violation with no stairs or other means of egress.

Bean has denied fervently that they submitted the wrong paperwork for the Season 尾11 Elections, leading to the Sunbeams winning the Hanged Man Arcana instead of the Sun. Reports that Beam was spotted burning piles of paper in the Hellmouth desert in the hours following the election are unverified.

In spite of everything, they are doing their best.