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0 is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β15 Election as a result of the Absolute Zero blessing.


Players playing on a Team with the 0 Modification will always swing at strikes when there are 0 strikes and 0 balls in the Count.


The 0 Blood Type was first seen during the Season β15 election as the blessing Absolute Zero, with the description "Oh. Give your Team O Blood.".

The Baltimore Crabs earned this blessing, with the Team earning the modification:

While the results say that there was a Blood Transfusion, all Players on the Crabs retained their original Blood Types.


  • Players under the effects of O who also have the Flinch modification will swing at the first pitched strike, overriding flinch.
  • Players who are Skipping may not be able to utilize 0 Blood, as their count is randomized at the start of their at-bat.


  • While the Modification is named 0 (the numeral), the blood type associated with this modification is named O (the letter and blood type of universal donors.)

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