Frankie Hambone

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Frankie Hambone is a lineup player for the Atlantis Georgias, and has been with the team since the Descension.

Official League Records

Hambone joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Atlantis Georgias during the Descension.

On Season 16, Day 54, Hambone became a lineup player due to Reverb.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Box of Frankie Hambone Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-95.484 and start reading...


Frankie Hambone is a black, transgender man who uses he/him pronouns. Hambone is fat, and is quite tall. He’s normally seen with a warm smile and a couple snacks in his pocket for anyone who might need it. Sometimes, if the infinite Atlantis’ line up just right, one might see the bottom half of Hambone as a manatee tail.


Frankie Hambone is an Atlantis native who wrote for Atlantis newspaper/magazine the Daily Current. Hambone’s focus was on community events, be it protests or parties. Sometimes, news about events taking place on the surface would show up, and Hambone would always be the first to write about it. Even as a player for the Georgias, occasionally articles will show up, written by “Frank Bone,” who is apparently a completely different person.

In addition, Frankie would organize many of these events, along with a few other members of the team. No matter where he went, Frankie was always scouting out for a good spot to hold a rally. Even while on the Georgias, Frankie is known for his community organizaton skills.

Time on the Georgias

Joining the Georgias as they descended, he’s known for his overall skill at blaseball, and willingness to play any position (Except for First Blase, it hurts his knees.) Hambone uses a comically oversized Ham Bone to bat, and has a collection of over 100 dad hats in various states of (dis)repair for him to pitch with. He has proven himself as a valuable asset to the team not only for his blaseball skills, but also for his cooking and overall good vibes, with a laugh that could shake The Bubble.

Frankie Hambone can often be found in the outfield, writing letters to fellow dad Francisco Preston. Before and after games, he’ll bring a grill with him, invite whoever wishes to come, and has a cookout. His Atlantis Aquaburger is so popular, in fact, that Dave the Anglerfish has requested the recipe. It remains to be seen whether the burger will actually show up on the menu. When Hambone isn’t grilling, playing blaseball, or otherwise goofing off, he takes care of the younger members of the team, including Ankle Halifax and IVy. As a result, Frankie is often called “dad” by fellow members of the Georgias. A title he wears proudly.

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