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Gameday Traditions

The first day of any season is known collectively by fans as "Rigby Day". This is to celebrate the team's star pitcher, Rigby Friedrich, who originally occupied the first spot in the team's rotation. While Rigby no longer pitches during Rigby Day, the tradition has not been modified at all. It is commonly believed that on every Rigby Day, Rigby Friedrich stares threateningly at whoever is pitching, scaring them into performing uncharacteristically well before the team sinks back into their usual comfortable mediocrity. The first time the Georgias lost Rigby Day was in Season 16, where Rigby Day was pitched by Geraldine Frost. She has been made aware of this.

Georgias fans have been known to engage in and encourage the chugging of Ooze, a mix of ocean sediment and dead planktonic matter harvested directly from the sea floor. It is usually distributed freely by Slosh Truk after games, regardless of outcome. During this period, fans will chant "Chug the Ooze!" repeatedly, slowly getting louder and more intense. The increase in volume and intensity increases until every Georgias fan in the stadium that feels like chugging ooze has chugged ooze. Ooze is best served alongside whale cheese.

It is common for Georgias fans to greet others by saying "Ahoy!" and to wish farewell by saying "!yohA". Additionally, since time, much like everything else, is fluid in Atlantis, it is also perfectly acceptable to say "!yohA" as a greeting and "Ahoy!" as a farewell.

Georgias fans have been known to be overwhelmingly friendly, often joining their opponents to watch ongoing games. This is done so that the Georgias can establish positive relations with other teams so they'll bend to the Georgias' will and fork over votes for blessings because splorts are best enjoyed with friends, and establishing healthy relationships with other teams makes everyone a winner. :) To promote their league-wide friendship, flavors of Ooze have been designed for every other team in the league. Despite being friendly however, the Georgias insist they are still scoundrels 😏.

After several Seasons of active play with few favorable results, most Georgias fans have accepted they are not a good team (despite insistence otherwise) and and have instead moved their focus towards performing mad science, presumably in the hopes they will be acknowledged for it. Actions taken by Georgias fans have included purchasing a Chorby Soul replica from the Gift Shop in hopes that their soul could carry the Atlantis Georgias to the Desert, stealing another Chorby's Soul from Gloria Bugsnax and giving it to Clove Ji-Eun only to immediately Shadow them in the same election, performing necromancy on former captain Niq Nyong'o, and being one of the only teams to select the Vault corner in Season 24 in the hopes they would get a unique role in killing the Coin. These schemes have been met with varying levels of success, as for one of these to be pulled off successfully, ILB management would have to acknowledge the Atlantis Georgias exist, something it seems very unwilling to do.

Day 54

Day 54 is a cursed day among Georgias fans. In Season 16, it marked the date Flattery McKinley got shuffled back to pitching by Reverb. Everything else that Reverb did was arguably an improvement to the team's performance, but making Flattery pitch is a crime against God and Man, so it was indisputably a bad thing. In Season 17, it marked the date of Hercules Alighieri's incineration. In Season 18, it marked Bauer Zimmerman's incineration, and while Bauer Zimmerman was never a member of the Georgias, the Georgias and Jazz Hands are legally married so it was still a huge loss for the team.

As a result of this frequent string of bad events, Day 54 has become regarded as a cursed day among Georgias fans. Nothing good has ever come out of Day 54, and nothing good ever will. Fans are in fact, requested to avoid referring to the Day after Day 53 by name, in fear that referring to it will cause nothing but bad luck and misfortune.

However, despite this, the Atlantis Georgias - Breckenridge Jazz Hands Wedding was set on Season 21, Day 54. Whether this broke the curse, or only made it worse due to the Jazz Hands' Tower tarot is unclear, but currently no misfortunes have fallen upon the Georgias on Day 54 since.

League-renowned bad player Knight Triumphant had a fate number of 54 when they played for the Atlantis Georgias. Whether this has any connection to the bad luck associated with the day is unknown.

The Hubris Cycle

Georgias fans engage in a time-honored tradition known as the Hubris Cycle. Whenever the Georgias win a game, Georgias fans enter Maximum Hubris Mode, assuming the Georgias are unstoppable and the best team to ever play Blaseball. Hubris Mode lasts constantly until the Georgias lose a single game, in which the Georgias immediately are hit face-first with their mediocrity, letting out cries of "same as it ever was".

The Hubris Cycle has been compared to the Baltimore Crabs' "Crabs Good/Crabs Bad" cycle with some going so far as to call it a carbon copy. Georgias representatives have neglected to comment on this matter.


Team General

Nearly all of the Georgias' general cheers are nautical puns, and fans will not apologize for any of them.

  • WEIGH ANCHOR!/ANCHORS AWEIGH! (start of games)
  • KEEP 'EM LANDLOCKED!/HOLD FAST! (when Georgias are pitching)
  • WALK THE PLANK! (when Georgias draw a walk)
  • CANNONS LOADED! (when bases are loaded)
  • AND FIRE! (when Georgias hit the ball while bases are loaded)
  • Call: YOU SINK!
    • Response: WE SWIM!
  • PLUNDER! (when Georgias steal a base)
  • GEORGIAS GOOD! (how?)
  • Same as it ever was (when Georgias lose)
  • TIDE GAME (when the score is tied)

Player Specific

  • Flattery McKinley πŸ™/πŸ”‹
    • McKinley has been affectionately nicknamed "Battery" by fans, because they are a batter, and are named Flattery. As such, batteries in general are associated with Flattery, and players may send battery emojis while they are up to bat.
      • BATTERY POWER! (whenever Flattery does well)
      • BATTERY CHARGE! (whenever Flattery steals a base)
    • FLATTERY GET US HOME! (whenever runners are on base, and Flattery is up to bat)
    • There are additionally chants from when Flattery was a pitcher. However, since Flattery was perhaps one of the worst pitchers in Blaseball history, rarely did these chants assume Flattery would play well. It was more common for Blaseball fans to cheer for Flattery to do poorly, in hopes that the Georgias could reach Party Time sooner.
      • FLATTERY, GET 'EM NOWHERE (when Flattery pitched well [how?])
      • FLATTERY, GET US NOWHERE (when fans cheer for a much more likely outcome)
  • Frankie Hambone πŸ–
    • HAMBONE 'EM! (whenever Frankie is up to bat)
    • MAKE THE OFFER! (whenever Frankie is up to bat)
    • HAMBONED! (whenever Frankie does well)
  • Ortiz Lopez 🐍
    • LET'S GOPEZ! (whenever Ortiz is up to bat)
    • SCORTIZ! (when Ortiz scores)
  • Randy Dennis πŸ›Ό
    • FLIPPERS UP! (when Randy is up to bat/scores)
  • Yurts Buttercup 🐳
    • BATTER UP BUTTERCUP/BUILD US UP BUTTERCUP (whenever Yurts is up to bat)
    • YURTS HURTS (whenever Yurts does well)
    • YURTS YURTS YURTS YURTS YURTS (repeat ad-nauseum)
  • Fish Summer πŸ₯΅
    • HOT FISH SUMMER! (whenever Fish scores)
  • Geraldine Frost ❄
    • FREEZE EM OUT (whenever Geraldine is up to bat)
    • GERALDINGER! (whenever Geraldine hits a home run, or when the fans want her to, at least)
  • Steals Chark 😏
    • THIS IS THE POWER OF STEALS CHARK (whenever Steals does well)
  • Hiroto Wilcox πŸ•³
    • ACE IN THE HOLE! (when Hiroto pitches well)
  • Jan Canberra ☠
    • CAN JAN? (when Jan is pitching)
    • JAN CAN! (when Jan is pitching, or pitches well)
    • JAN CAN'T! (when Jan doesn't pitch so well)
    • JAN'T! (shortened version of "Jan Can't")
  • Rigby Friedrich 🧊
    • RIG 'EM UP! (when Rigby pitches well)

Shadowed Players

  • Neerie McCloud ☁
    • GET LOUD FOR MCCLOUD! (when Neerie is up to bat)
    • NEERLY THERE! (when Neerie is on base)
  • Jon Tumblehome 🦾
    • TUMBLE HOME! (when Jon is on base)
  • Nanci Grackle 🦀
    • BIG GRACK (whenever Nanci does well)
    • GRACK ATTACK! (whenever Nanci does well)
  • Lachlan Shelton πŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€πŸ¦²
    • I'm a fan! (whenever Lachlan does well)
    • Just a man but I'm a fan! (same as above, when fans want to acknowledge how utterly normal a guy Lachlan is)

Retired Chants

  • Gita Biscuits 🐦
    • RISK IT FOR THE BISCUIT! (when Gita is up to bat)
  • Mint Shupe 🍨
    • SHUPE THERE IT IS! (when Mint does well)
  • Mordecai Kingbird πŸ‘‘
    • DINGBIRD! (when Mordecai hit a home run)
    • Really, just call Mordecai a king in like, any context. You can make a million chants for prin out of that alone.
  • Hercules Alighieri πŸ“œ
    • HERC DO THE WORK (when Hercules is up to bat)
    • HERC DID THE WORK (when Hercules did well, and he sure did, RIV)
  • Montgomery Bullock 🚢
    • TAKE A WALK (whenever Montgomery draws a walk)
  • Knight Triumphant πŸ›‘
    • KNIGHT TRIUMPHS! (whenever Knight won a game)
  • Siobhan Chark 🦈
    • JUMP THE CHARK (whenever Siobhan is up to bat)
    • CHARK JUMPED! (whenever Siobhan did well)
    • CHARK BITES! (whenever Siobhan did well)
  • Wyatt Mason IV (aka Ivy) 🌱
    • IVYLIEVE! (whenever Ivy is pitching)
  • Niq Nyong'o πŸ”¬
    • LET'S GO NYONG'O! (whenever Niq is up to bat)
    • NYONG'NO! (whenever Niq does poorly)
  • Niq Nyong'o and Flattery McKinley both πŸ”¬πŸ€πŸ™
    • Niq Nyong'o and Flattery McKinley are usually interpreted by fans as a married lesbian couple. From the Season 16 elections up until Season 20, Day 48, the two occupied the front two spots of the lineup, allowing them to frequently assist each other during games. Needless to say, fans were quite thrilled by this.
      • GAY PLAYS! (shouted when one manages to help the other score)
      • A WIN FOR LESBIANS EVERYWHERE (when either of them does something cool, but especially when they do something cool together)
      • She was able to do that because she is a lesbian. (when one of them hits a home run, steals home, or pulls off some other impressive play)
  • Ankle Halifax 🦢
    • did we have any ankle chants like, at all
    • i don't think we did
    • sorry kid
  • Chorby Soul V πŸ”ͺ
    • KILL (words of encouragement)
  • Slosh Truk πŸ›Ή
    • TRUK IT! (whenever Slosh is up to bat)
    • KEEP ON TRUKIN' (whenever Slosh is up to bat)
    • TRUK YEAH! (whenever Slosh does well)
  • Erin Jesaulenko 🐑
    • JESAULEN-GO! (whenever Erin is up to pitch)
    • YESAULENKO! (whenever Erin does well)
  • Sosa Hayes πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦
    • SO! SA! HAYES! (whenever Sosa is up to bat)
    • SWITCH THOSE KIDS! (whenever Sosa is doing poorly)
    • SOSA SO GOOD! (whenever Sosa does well)
    • PERFECTLY NORMAL [INSERT SEA CREATURE] (whenever Sosa does anything, really)
  • Clove Ji-Eun πŸ€
    • CLOVE MY BELOVE (whenever Clove does well)
    • X LEAVES! (whenever Clove gets a hit, the number of leaves varies depending on bases hit)