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Siphon is a Player Modification, first seen after the Season β9 Elections and the passing of the Forecast:Blooddrain decree.


Players with Siphon will drain opposing players' attributes more often in Blooddrain weather, and occasionally use it to remove an Out when at bat. When fielding, Siphons can add Outs[1][2] or remove Balls from the count when stealing blood from the player at bat.

Players with Siphon are still able to blooddrain as normal, siphoning an opposing player's stars and adding them to their own.


Mystery Blessings

During the Season β9 Election, Fans were able to choose three weathers as part of the Forecast Decree. Forecast: Eclipse, Forecast: Birds and Forecast: Blooddrain were selected, influencing the mystery blessings given to one player on every team: Fire Eater, Friend of Crows, and Siphon.

The following players received the Siphon modification at the end of Season 9:

Team Siphon
Canada Moist Talkers Beans McBlase
Dallas Steaks Cory Ross
Hades Tigers Richmond Harrison
New York Millennials Theodore Cervantes
Seattle Garages Ortiz Morse
Charleston Shoe Thieves Richardson Games
Hawai'i Fridays Spears Taylor
Kansas City Breath Mints Winnie Hess
Philly Pies Yeong-Ho Benitez
Yellowstone Magic Logan Rodriguez
Baltimore Crabs Nagomi Mcdaniel
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Combs Estes
Chicago Firefighters Isaac Johnson
Mexico City Wild Wings Silvia Rugrat
San Francisco Lovers Knight Triumphant
Boston Flowers Glabe Moon
Hellmouth Sunbeams Dudley Mueller
Houston Spies Jordan Hildebert
Miami Dale Randy Dennis
Unlimited Tacos Halexandrey Walton

The Discipline Era

The first activation of Siphon occurred on the first day of Season β10, in a match between the Hawai'i Fridays and Charleston Shoe Thieves. Richardson Games, of the Shoe Thieves, siphoned some of Fletcher Yamamoto's defensive ability while fielding to add an Out, giving the Fridays only two further Outs before the Inning was concluded.

Halexandrey Walton was the first to use Siphon while at bat, siphoning some of Hahn Fox's hitting ability to remove an Out from the Tacos' count on Season 10, Day 4. In the same game, while fielding, Walton also removed a Ball from Nerd Pacheco's count while fielding.

Season 10 also brought changes to the Idol Board, with icons for the three forecast weathers (and Feedback at position 14) beside various positions on the Board. Positions 9 and 18 sported an Blooddrain icon, and by the end of Day 99 were occupied by Workman Gloom and (despite Fans' efforts to fill all sports with players from the Hall of Flame) Thomas Dracaena respectively.

As a result, Gloom and Dracaena gained a seasonal version of the Siphon modification. On Day X, Gloom was the only member of the Hall Stars to drain blood from THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, siphoning some of Jessica Telephone's defensive ability. Dracaena, meanwhile, despite five games in the Season 10 postseason with blooddrain weather[3], performed no siphons before losing the modification at season's end.

The Expansion Era

The Discipline-era roster of twenty players with Siphon remained mostly unchanged throughout the Expansion Era, other than three additions:

See Also

  • Parasite - a Player Modification which will let pitchers automatically drain blood from players they strike out in Blooddrain
  • Sealant - a Team Modification, awarded to the Hades Tigers, which prevents its players from having blood drained
  1. which, under the technical definitions of Outs and Ins in Blaseball, entails turning an In into an Out,
  2. For a hopefully-satisfactory explanation, see Free Refill.
  3. and to the amusement of Fans who (erroneously) believe them to be a vampire,