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The Breckenridge Community Field (also known as The Pocket) is the home stadium of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands Blaseball team. Regardless of the weather outside the stadium, inside Breckenridge Community Field it is always snowing.

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The Pocket was originally the local community theatre for Breckenridge. During a performance of a Jazz stage adaptation of It's a Wonderful Life! the theatre's snow machine malfunctioned and altered the weather within the theatre to perpetual snow. The Breckenridge Jazz Hands declared this "perfect Blaseball weather" and converted The Pocket to a stadium and entertainment complex.

There are unconfirmed rumors in the Jazz Hands Band that finishing the original performance will cause the altered weather to stop. Actors are sometimes seen running onto the field mid-game to attempt this, but none have been successful.

Breckenridge Community Field is home to the Snow Corps or Snow Chorus. This hardened group of ushers, made up of mountaineers, arctic survivalists and former theater techs, help stranded fans out of the ever piling snow and rogue avalanches that occur around the stands. But, their primary job is to stop and remove any actor that tries to run on the field to finish the play. They also lead the crowd in the "Rally in the 7th" fight song.

The Pit

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Existing underneath the city of Breckenridge is the Pit, an endless pit in the ground on top of which The Pocket was built. As the needs of the theatre, and later stadium, grew, so did facilities within the Pit. The Pit seems to have endless space within it to expand, yet does not appear as deep from the outside. This discrepancy in internal and external dimensions was discovered by the Breckenridge Transit Authority during the construction of a subway line under The Pocket. The Jazz Hands’ Shadows reside within the Pit, acting as musical accompaniment to the Blaseball games occurring above the orchestra pit. Formerly active shadows act as stadium staff known as Stagehands. Like all shadows, Stagehands wear a black variant of the Jazz Hand uniform. Stagehands operate stadium facilities during Blaseball games.


The Smithy

Granted to The Pocket during the Season β17 elections, The Smithy is a prominent facility in the stadium. Primarily operated by Jazz Hands player Mikan Hammer, with the help of teammate Edric Tosser and other stadium staff. The Smithy is responsible for both the maintenance of player equipment as well as the fabrication of certain structures and equipment for use in stage plays performed at The Pocket.

The Drip and The Curtain Call

The Drip is a coffee shop and detective’s office at The Pocket operated by Liquid Friend. During the day, The Drip offers coffee and baked goods as well as advice and investigations. During the evening hours, The Drip becomes The Curtain Call, The Pocket’s bar. After Friend was vaulted during the Season β20 elections, The Drip and The Curtain Call moved to the operation of other stadium staff in their absence.

The Pocket Radio Station (KATT 139.8 The Pocket Radio)

After the installation of PsychoAcoustics and an LCD Soundsystem, The Pocket expanded its performance and recording spaces. Included in the new facilities was KATT 139.8 The Pocket Radio, a radio station run out of the stadium by radio personality and resident of the Pit, Charms. The Pocket Radio’s offerings include jazz, performances by Jazz Hands players and stadium staff, live Blaseball coverage, and music from the broader Breckenridge community. Occasionally the station is known to play a segment called Pit Songs, which consists of an hour of deafening silence.