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Flippers is a modification first season in the Season β12 Election that causes players to score instead of being swept off of a base in Flooding weather.


Flippers is a modification that activates when a player would be swept off base due to Flooding Weather. Instead of being swept off base, the player is able to score a run.

Flippers has no effect on pitchers.


Flippers were first seen in Season 12 as a result of the Trust will.

The players given Flippers in Season 12 were:

In the Season β13 election the Spare Flippers Blessing granted an additional two players the Flippers modification:

In the Season β18 election, Esme Ramsey's Haunted modification was changed into the Flippers modification by the Shoe Thieves' Reform will.


See Also

  • Flood Bath - the Moist Talkers' Evolution modification, which gives players Slippery when they are swept off the bases
  • High Pressure - a Team and Player modification which improves performance in Flooding weather, if there are players on base
  • Sponge - a Player modification which increases the chances of flooding when they are on base