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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Breckenridge is a city in Colorado, USA. It is the home of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands.


Before the splort of Blaseball came to Breckenridge, it was just a ski town with a population of 5,000. It is known for its many outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, and rafting, as well as for its many annual festivals and public events. Breckenridge has a considerable tourism industry as a result of its local sights and activities.

When Blaseball came to Breckenridge, the local theatre, the Breckenridge Community Theatre, was converted into a stadium and entertainment complex known as The Pocket. The Pocket now serves as the home stadium for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. With the addition of a splorts complex to the city, the population grew to 15,000 and the city developed a near excessive amount of infrastructure to support it.

Breckenridge Transit Authority

The majority of new infrastructure built to support Breckenridge's growing population was in the form of public transportation. The Breckenridge Transit Authority, or BTA, consists of a wide variety of aboveground and underground transportation methods.

The Breckenridge Transit Authority's services include:

  • An extensive subway system, with connections to the PIT Network
  • Ski lifts
  • Funicular railways
  • Buses
  • Light rails

Notable Locations

The Tower

The Tower is a tall structure located in Breckenridge that emerged after the Jazz Hands were assigned the Arcana XVI The Tower in the Season β11 election. The Tower is visible from anywhere in Breckenridge, regardless of the direction the viewer is facing, and can be seen by anyone. It will change where it appears when the viewer looks in a new direction. The Tower itself appears to be made of a similar material as the Pit, theorized to be both what allows The Tower to move with the perception of viewers and what allows the Pit to change shape in unstable areas.

The Tower looms within the perception of everyone in Breckenridge, primarily through visual appearances in the distance, though viewers may also be aware of reflections of it in windows or of the sound of it creaking and shifting. While The Tower is visible to all of those in Breckenridge, it is generally something most residents are not actively aware of. Jazz Hands Players, however, Perceive The Tower and are always actively aware of its presence. This ability to Perceive affects current and former Jazz Hands players present on the team for any amount of time on or after the Season β11 election, when The Tower emerged. Former Jazz Hands will Perceive The Tower when playing in Breckenridge, but the effect subsides upon leaving the city.

With the extra attention Jazz Hands players pay to The Tower, several have noticed over the years that The Tower’s materials are aged and weathered in ways that indicate that the structure has experienced many more collapses than the team itself has experienced. Concerns about The Tower’s age are often brushed off as there was no known record of residents being aware of it prior to its emergence after Season β11. Long-time Jazz Hands often half-joke to new players about The Tower having loomed over Breckenridge long before anyone became aware of it, though new players tend to see these remarks as their new teammates trying to unsettle them.

The Pocket

See the main article on this topic: The Pocket

Formerly the Breckenridge Community Theatre, The Pocket has since been expanded into a stadium and entertainment complex that houses the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. When not in use as a stadium, The Pocket continues to put on plays and musical performances, as well as acting as a community events center.

The Pit

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The Pit is a seemingly endless pit in the ground under The Pocket. Breckenridge was built around the Pit, and parts of its public transportation system intertwine with the Pit. The Pit is the primary location for all underground facilities belonging to The Pocket, and is also where the Jazz Hands' Shadows reside and work. Some of the entities that originate from it, such as pit cats, are beloved by the Breckenridge community.

Jazz Hands Memorial Garden

The Jazz Hands Memorial Garden is a local statue garden in Breckenridge that commemorates deceased Jazz Hands players. When a player is Incinerated, a statue either of the player or of an interest of theirs is created and displayed in the memorial garden. The garden is regularly visited by Blaseball players and community members alike.

Breckenridge Municipal Airport

A small municipal airport. Serves smaller local planes as well as smaller aircraft belonging to commuter airlines with charter services. The Breckenridge Municipal Airport is also where the Quandary, the airship belonging to Jazz Hands player Elijah Valenzuela, is stored.

Breckenridge University

The local university, Breckenridge University is known for offering a degree in nearly any subject. It is also known for having no tuition, with all programs free to pursue. Breckenridge University also gives out scholarships, which consist of congratulatory certificates due to lacking tuition fees.


A local gas station and convenience store, always around the corner. Carries a relatively standard offering of products, including car parts and light bulbs. The 9/25 is smaller than it looks on the inside. The section of the store with the freezers is always cold. Jazz Hands players Riley Firewall, Edric Tosser, and Steph Weeks are regulars at the store and frequently spend evenings smashing fluorescent light bulbs in the parking lot behind it.

The 9/25 has several employees:

  • Revan Smellhound, Manager and Dog
  • Andi Steeping
  • Gabriel Areiado
  • Ana Manx
  • Nyx Kerensky

Manager Smellhound reportedly has a rivalry with Jazz Hands pit cat and recording manager, Charms. As a result, 9/25 ads do not play on The Pocket Radio, and the station does not play inside 9/25 stores, at least when Smellhound is around.

Cashmoney's Yacht Depot

Located in the mountains near Breckenridge is a yacht depot owned by Aldon Cashmoney. Known for owning one of every boat, Cashmoney created the yacht depot to store many of vis custom yachts as there are currently no waterways in the landlocked city of Breckenridge able to support some of the larger yachts.

Dlairy Queen

A fast food restaurant in Breckenridge. A normal Dlairy Queen, except for the fact that it restricts how often Jazz Hands players can enter the premises. This rule came into effect after Jazz Hands player Lancelot Kane once ordered the entire Dlairy Queen Bizzard menu at the same time and then proceeded to attempt to do so several times on later visits. Recognizing Jazz Hands players both in and out of uniform is part of the new employee training at this Dlairy Queen location.