Broken Ridge Jazz Hands/Beta/Season 13

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In Season β13, the Breckenridge Jazz Hands would have an eventful season of Reverb, Blooddrain, and allergic reactions, which ultimately culminated in the incineration of Combs Estes. The Jazz Hands would also break ground on their stadium, Breckenridge Community Field, also known as just The Pocket.

The incineration of Estes, along with the incineration of Sutton Bishop, would mark the second instance of both a Jazz Hands player and a Hellmouth Sunbeams player being incinerated in the same game.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


Roster Changes


Day Player Replaced by
98 Combs Estes Dervin Gorczyca

Reverb Shuffles

Day Type Affected Players
64 Full Tamara Crankit Lineup

Conrad Vaughan Rotation
Collins Melon Lineup
Steph Weeks - Held in place by Gravity
Elijah Valenzuela Lineup
Baby Doyle Lineup
Stephens Lightner Lineup
Kathy Mathews Rotation
Holden Stanton Rotation
Combs Estes Lineup
Lowe Forbes Lineup
Walton Sports Rotation
Edric Tosser Rotation
Campos Arias Lineup
Wyatt Pothos Rotation

Election Outcomes


  • Teamicon jazz hands.png
  • Teamicon jazz hands.png
    • The Jazz Hands enrich themselves with Earlbirds.
      • +  Earlbirds
    • Enrich - 2% of all Jazz Hands Will Votes
      This Filing - 8% of Jazz Hands Enrich Votes
      Final Odds - 0% chance of happening.


The Breckenridge Jazz Hands won no blessings and were unaffected by blessings won by other teams.

Season Overview

During Season 13, the Breckenridge Jazz Hands were 4th in Wild High, 9th in Wild League, and 17th overall with 43 wins and a 43-56 record. The Jazz Hands entered Party Time on Day 88. Season 13 also marks the second occasion of a double-incineration within the same Jazz Hands vs. Sunbeams game with the incienrations of Combs Estes and Sutton Bishop on Day 98.

The Jazz Hands broke ground on Breckenridge Community Field, also known as "The Pocket", and selected the Loge prefab when establishing the stadium. The team also traded Holden Stanton for August Sky, making Sky a pitcher and Stanton a lineup player in the process. The Jazz Hands will play under Earlbirds next season.