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The Breckenridge Slide-Trombone Bolter, or Bolter, is the official mascot of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands as of Season β3.

Bolter is a large cryptid with a fondness for the slide trombone, typically encountered on the sides of steep mountains. Though rarely spotted and typically docile, Bolter has been known to careen down mountainsides to capture unsuspecting prey, as well as to extol the music of J.J. Johnson. It learned to play the slide trombone by listening to Llouis Slatchmo perform with his band at The Pocket. Bolter was discovered by the Jazz Hands during an offseason team-building hiking trip to the Rocky Mountains, during which it ate several blatboys. The Jazz Hands were impressed with its freeform musical stylings, however, and invited Bolter to be their official mascot.

As Bolter is too large to comfortably fit inside The Pocket, the Jazz Hands typically find a good slope of at least 45° near the stadium and set Bolter up there. From that vantage point, Bolter will lead fans of the Jazz Hands in the Jazz Hand Band Stand Chant, as well as other rally songs and improvisations on brass. When the Jazz Hands score a run, Bolter celebrates with a triumphant fanfare, assisted by brigades of volunteers in groups of 50 who operate the slide and mute on Bolter's behalf.

Part of Bolter's mascot contract includes not eating players, fans, or nearby wildlife, but Bolter seems to be sated by being tossed the occasional Peanut.

In the offseason, Bolter is a successful studio musician, contributing both backup instrumentation and solos for a variety of artists, producers, and bands. Bolter also frequently performs at local jazz festivals. Bolter has released a self-titled EP, Bolter, which saw mild success but was derided by the New York Millennials for being "too mainstream."

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