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Superyummy is a Player Modification, first seen in the Season β10 Elections and distributed by The Nut Button Blessing.


Players who are Superyummy will Overperform in both Peanuts weather and Ballparks with a Peanut Mister installed, and Underperform in all other situations. Players will begin Overperforming, at the start of a game fulfilling either the above conditions, with the message "X loves peanuts". If the weather is anything but Peanuts, and the game is being played in a Ballpark without a peanut mister, the message "X misses peanuts." will trigger instead.

The boost does not stack; no additional performance improvement will occur if a Superyummy player plays in Peanuts weather inside a ballpark with a Peanut Mister.


The First Nut Button

During Season β10, the The Nut Button Blessing was was offered, with the description "Your Team is no longer allergic to Peanuts." This hotly-contested blessing was won by the Hellmouth Sunbeams[1] and, as an unexpected addition to the mass-curing of the team's peanut allergies, gave Sunbeams pitcher Sandoval Crossing the Superyummy modification.

Crossing proceed to Underperform for vast swathes of the late Discipline and early Expansion eras, as a raft of new types of Weather reduced the frequency of games in Peanuts, much to the disappointment of Sunbeams fans.

The Second Nut Button, and Peanut Misters

The first sign for Sunbeams fans that not installing a Peanut Mister may have been a huge mistake.

See the main article on this topic: Peanut Mister

The Peanut Mister was first offered as a potential Ballpark Renovation in Season β13, to the Baltimore Crabs who completed construction on their Ballpark one season before the rest of the league. It was made more widely available in Season β14, and built by six teams by Latesiesta. Sandoval Crossing began to Overperform on Season 14, Day 79, in the Tokyo Lift's Gym due to its recently-added Peanut Mister.

As the Beams played no other away games in ballparks with Peanut Misters for the remainder of Season 14, the interaction between Peanut Misters and Superyummy could not be formally identified until Season β15.

Season β14 also saw the return of The Nut Button, won this time by the Yellowstone Magic. James Mora gained the Superyummy modification, Overperformed from Day 1 of Season β15 due to the Crabitat's Peanut Mister, and eventually lost the modification in the Season β16 Earlsiesta when the Reader drew I The Magician, sending Mora UPSTREAM.

  1. but not before sparking a new rivalry,