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Peanut Mister is a Ballpark Modification first seen in the Season 13 Latesiesta, following successful funding of the Renovation for the Crabitat.


A Ballpark with the Peanut Mister Renovation has a chance of curing an allergic player's Peanut Allergy. Players on both the home team and away team can be cured, as well as  SHELLED and Inhabiting players (see Trivia section). If the player is Superallergic and allergic, the Superallergic modification will be removed instead, with the opportunity for the allergy to be cured at a later date.

Stadiums with a Peanut Mister will also cause Superyummy players to begin Overperforming, as if they were playing in Peanut weather. This will also affect Superyummy pitchers, even if they are not pitching at the time.


Ballpark Renovations

Peanut Mister first appeared as a Ballpark Renovation in the Season β13 Earlsiesta, when the majority of teams were commencing stadium construction and the Baltimore Crabs were offered their first renovations. The Crabs completed construction of a Peanut Mister, as well as reducing their Ballpark's Inconvenience.

The following teams also added the Peanut Mister to their ballparks:

Team Ballpark Season
Baltimore Crabs The Crabitat Season 13
Tokyo Lift The Gym Season 14
Breckenridge Jazz Hands The Pocket Season 14
Hades Tigers The Ampitheater Season 14
Mexico City Wild Wings The Bucket Season 14
Houston Spies REDACTED Season 14
Hawaii Fridays The Cookout Season 14
New York Millennials* Battin' Island Season 14retracted, due to Repairs[1]
Seattle Garages The Big Garage Season 19
Kansas City Breath Mints The Meadow Season 19
Unlimited Tacos LA Taquería Season 20
Canada Moist Talkers Gleek Arena Season 20
Miami Dale Worldwide Field Season 21
Core Mechanics The Pillars Season 21
Hellmouth Sunbeams The Solarium Season 22

In total, 14 Peanut Misters were built in ballparks over the course of the Expansion Era - four short of the eighteen necessary for League-wide Ratification.[2]

Discovery of interactions with Superyummy

When Peanut Misters were first made available for ballparks, only one player in the league had the Superyummy Modification - Hellmouth Sunbeams pitcher Sandoval Crossing. Crossing was ostensibly the team's most reliable pitcher throughout the bulk of the Discipline Era, but - upon gaining Superyummy from the Nut Button blessing - their consistency was severely impacted by their underperformance in all weathers other than Peanuts.

While the Sunbeams were offered the Peanut Mister as a possible Renovation in the Season β14 Earlsiesta, it was less appealing than other shiny toys for them to bolt onto their stadium instead. In light of the the Nut Button blessing of Season 10, which had - by and large - removed all allergies from their roster, this seemed[3] a logical choice at the time. As such, the Sunbeams declined to build a Peanut Mister when available in Season 14, and[4] did not construct one until it was offered to them again in Season β22.

Unfortunately for Wyatt Mason VII, not the most upsetting thing that happened to them in Tokyo.

Peanut Mister caused Superyummy to activate for the first time on Day 79, seven days after the Latesiesta when teams had completed their renovations, and the Sunbeams played their first game in a series of away games against the Tokyo Lift. Despite Reverb weather and the fact Crossing was not pitching that game, the game opened with the message "Sandoval Crossing loves peanuts" indicating they had begun to Overperform. This may have gone unnoticed - if not for Wyatt Mason VII Echoing Crossing's modifications at the top of the fifth inning, sending Crossing's modifications (Friend of Crows, Superyummy and Overperforming) to every Receiver still active in the league at the time. To add to the chaos, the Lift's Wyatt Mason Echoed Receiver Wyatt Quitter that very same inning - leading to the horrifying discovery that Receivers could become Echoes and be at risk of echoing into Static. Crossing continued to Overperform until Day 81, the final day of the series against the Lift, where they pitched in Feedback weather. Wyatts Mason of the Lift and VII echoed into Static in the third inning, immediately following Mason VII's first plate appearance for the game. The Sunbeams lost the match 2-4, and the series two games to one.

From this series, the beneficial effect of Peanut Misters on Superyummy players was theorised - but would not be confirmed until Season β15, as the Beams had no additional games in Season β14 in ballparks with Peanut Misters. Speculation ran rampant throughout the Off Season following Season 14, until the newly-Superyummy James Mora began to Overperform in An Undisclosed Location on Season β15, Day 1. The connection was finally confirmed on Day 4, when Lars Taylor pitched the opening game of a three-game away series for the Sunbeams against the Houston Spies, and Crossing began to Overperform[5].

The Sunbeams finally built their Peanut Mister in the Season 22 Latesiesta. Sandoval Crossing's first home game with the Peanut Mister was on Day 76, where - after eight long seasons for Sunbeams fans - they Overperformed in the Solarium.


  • As non-allergic  SHELLED players will develop a peanut allergy only when unshelled - and will not receive the Superallergic modification until freed from their shell - a  SHELLED player can be Superallergic but not allergic, if their peanut allergy is cured by a Mister while they are trapped in the giant peanut shell.
    • This has occurred exactly once in the history of Blaseball, when the allergic, still- SHELLED Kelvin Drumsolo was cured of their peanut allergy on Season β20, Day 75 by the Big Garage's Peanut Mister. They were pecked free on Season β21, Day 2, and cured of Superallergic on Season 21, Day 78 by the Peanut Mister in The Gym.
      • On Season β22, Day 50, Drumsolo's peanut allergy they gained when freed from the shell was cured by the Pillars' Peanut Mister - giving them the additional dubious honor of also being the only player who has been cured three times by Misters.
  • Deceased players can also be cured of their peanut allergy when Inhabiting a Haunted player - as seen on Season β22, Day 53, when Gleek Arena's Peanut Mister cured Raúl Leal's peanut allergy while they were Inhabiting Kennedy Loser.

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  2. To the chagrin of Hellmouth Sunbeams fans, and the collective relief of teams who played against Sandoval Crossing with any regularity.
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  4. despite their many lamentations
  5. Crossing played in the series on Day 6, in Peanut weather, where they did not receive a double-dose of Overperforming. They won the match 4-2.