US Highway 191

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U.S. Highway 191 (US 191) is a spur of U.S. Route 91 that has two branches. The northern branch runs for 440 miles (710 km) from the northern part of Yellowstone National Park to Loring, Montana, at the Canada鈥揢S border. The southern branch runs for 1,465 miles (2,358 km) from the southern part of Yellowstone National Park to Douglas, Arizona on the Mexican border, notably passing through the Hellmouth region of Utah.

In Utah

U.S. Highway 191 is one of the primary north-south corridors running through the eastern part of Utah, connecting to both Wyoming and Arizona. It is the primary access road for Hellmouth and its National Parks, and provides quick access to Salt Lake City metropolitan area in northwest Utah. Notably, a 15-mile section of the road intersecting Hellmouth was destroyed by the sinkhole that appeared beneath the region in July 20XX, briefly cutting off travel between northern Utah and the Hellmouth region.

New 191

The Grand County Road Department was forced to acquire a winding strip of land in Arches National Plark to reconnect the highway on either side of the sinkhole. New 191, as this stretch is known, was completed in just two weeks, one of the fastest highway construction projects on record in the state of Utah.

Public opinion of the new highway is universally positive. It is considered far superior to the original, thanks to its majestic views of Arches National Plark, the Colorado River, and the Hellmouth itself. The highway is widely regarded as "really a perfect Sunday drive, except for all the teeth."

Old 191

The ruins of Old 191 still rest on the ever-shifting northeastern rim of the Hellmouth, and are entirely unsuitable for all forms of travel. Still, some intrepid photographers choose to brave this area in search of a perfect shot of Hellmouth Falls.

BAD 191

A second new spur of US 191 has manifested on the southern edge of downtown Hellmouth, near The Solarium and the Hellmouth Beautification Society. It consists of a stone-paved two-lane road leading down into the Hellmouth along a narrow ridge. Aside from its ominous descent into the abyss, it appears to be a fairly normal road, though residents report an unusually high frequency of 7-Helleven sightings near its intersections with other roads in Hellmouth. The Grand County Road Department and US Department of Transportation have also been unable or unwilling to verify its existence or provide any records of its construction. They have so far denied it outright, firmly insisting that "There is no road here." Despite the official denial, it does appear on Gloogle Maps.

There have so far been no reports of objects, vehicles, or creatures traveling up or down this "road to Hell," save for Hades Tigers batter Paula Mason. She claimed to have no idea of the significance of the route she'd taken, only that it was "a lovely ride" and "the Little Roadies helped me set up Gloogle Maps on my phone before I left".

Following this historic journey, and arriving in Hades unscathed, there has been mounting interest among particularly adventurous travelers in using BAD 191 as a route to road-trip into Hades - much to the consternation of the Hellmouth Anti-Tourism Board.