Hellmouth Beautification Society

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The Hellmouth Beautification Society is a collaborative effort between the Boston Flowers and the Hellmouth Sunbeams to preserve native flora in the harsh landscape of Hellmouth, Utah.


The Hellmouth Beautification Society was founded when a band of wandering Boston gardeners accidentally traveled through a dimensional distortion to a cactus swap in Hellmouth. Running into Eugenia Bickle there, they came up with the idea to work together to breed native plants into forms which can thrive in the Hellmouth. Pretty soon, the Experimental Greenhouse was built in the distortion between Boston and Hellmouth, and plant enthusiasts from both cities joined forces to preserve the desert's native plants, as well as study the new species arising in the unique environment of Hellmouth.

Experimental Greenhouse

The Experimental Greenhouse is the main base of operations for the Society. Built in a dimensional distortion between Boston and Hellmouth, it spans a wide variety of desert climates, ranging in temperature from Frozen to Hell. It is always exactly 1.61803 times bigger than it needs to be, leaving plenty of space for the dedicated gardeners and extremophile enthusiasts to run their experiments. The Greenhouse's attached library contains the largest known collection of books dedicated to occult genetic experimentation, containing such infamous genomoires as The Lesser ATCG Of Solomon, the Pyrimidine Tablet, the PCRs Goetia, the Epigenomicon, the Book of Abramethylation, and the Pseudomonarchia Daeoxyribonum.

Notable Participants

  • Eugenia Bickle - Sunbeams
    • Co-creator of the Society
  • King Weatherman - Flowers
    • Often seen in and around the Experimental Greenhouse using his weather abilities. When asked what he was working on, Weatherman refused to comment. However, other gardeners have said he is extremely helpful for getting rain in, as well as making the conditions exactly right for some of the rarer plant varieties.

Current Projects

The Hellmouth Beautification Society is constantly busy working on a wide variety of projects, from the mundane to the esoteric. These are some of the things they are currently working on.

Desert Sundew

One project was for the Society to bring some of Boston's famous Giant Sundews to Hellmouth. This has posed a particular problem, as sundews are typically marsh plants which require a massive amount of water to survive. Adapting these carnivorous plants to a desert environment has gone well for the most part, other than a few small hiccups.

The current version of the Desert Sundew can survive for years in most typical deserts, but still bursts into flames when exposed to the intense heat of the Hellmouth itself. Despite this, the team working on the project is cautiously optimistic, one member saying "We can get 'em flame-resistant within two Blaseball seasons, as long as the dang things don't sprout legs and run away again."

Minor Projects

  • Sunflowers that Smile
  • Air-conditioned cacti
  • Water bottle plants