Hellmouth Falls

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Hellmouth Falls is a waterfall in Hellmouth, Utah. It is suspected to be the new highest waterfall in the world, ostensibly surpassing Angel Falls' 979-meter (3212 ft) drop. The waterfall drops over the edge of the recently-opened Hellmouth sinkhole, and marks the last verifiable location of the Colorado River. The falls' unrivaled majesty and splendor have made them an immensely popular tourist destination despite suppression efforts by the Hellmouth Anti-Tourism Board.

The waterfall is located in the southernmost region of Arches National Plark and can be viewed safely from the new Visitor Center and certain stretches of New 191. Several tourists have met their end searching for more exciting and dangerous views of the falls in the ruins of Old 191, among the shifting terrain on the edge of the Hellmouth.

Disputed Height

Most experts agree that the floor of The Hellmouth is an accursed, immeasurable plane, which has put its status as the tallest waterfall in the world in question. While it is possible (even likely) that these falls are infinite in height, those closest to the subject are unwilling to make any assumptions as to its height, or what horror lies at the bottom.

"C'mon guys, if you can't even comprehend the base with your mortal mind, you can't possibly hope to measure it. And if you can't measure it, how can it be the tallest, huh? How can we claim to have rules and science if they just go out the window every time it comes to this big honkin' hole in the ground? It might not even technically be a waterfall anymore for all we know. It sure as hell isn't the Colorado River anymore, I'll tell you that. I don't trust it, and I'm not going to climb down there and find out."

- Prof. Goldie Hotfoot PhD, Hellmouth Community College

Astute observers have noted that there are actually several waterfalls (and possibly reverse waterfalls) around the rim of the Hellmouth that could also be in the running for the coveted title of Highest Waterfall in the World, though the opaque geometry of the Infinite Mill Creek and the unknowable presence of the "Colorado River" Reemergence make these other contenders much more difficult to accurately observe.