All You Can Eat

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All You Can Eat is a League-Wide Modification affecting Fans' Snack Packs, and the payouts they would receive from the Snacks in their Packs.

Fans were able to purchase Snack Slots at 200 coins apiece (and able to discard empty slots for free), with increased (or reduced) payout from snacks owned as they had fewer (or more) slots than the default eight. (For a more detailed breakdown of slot numbers to payout modifiers, see the Appendix below).

All You Can Eat was in effect from Season β15 until its Nullification by Black Hole (Black Hole) on Day 59 of Season β24.



In Season β12, the Discipline-Era Shop was replaced with Concessions, allowing Fans to purchase a range of Snacks using Coins. The new Concessions stand featured thirteen different items for sale; however, Fans had a maximum of 8 slots in their Snack Pack. This forced many to compromise between optimising their profits with a full portfolio of income-generating snacks, and retaining access to all game features. The issue was only exacerbated over the course of Seasons β13 and β14, when three and five additional Snacks were added to the store respectively.

Season 14 Elections

In Season 14, All You Can Eat was offered as one of three possible Decrees the community could vote on to go into effect, alongside the following:

  • Meal Plan, which would give Fans two temporary Snack Slots each at Earlsiesta and Latesiesta, with all four slots being washed away after each Election; and
  • Pot Luck, where Fans would permanently gain three Snack Slots for a total of eleven, but with random Concessions each season spoiling (reducing their payout) or turning into a Gourmet jackpot.

All You Can Eat passed with 560,766 Votes, or 48% of all Decree Votes, and the following message:


The Age of Snack Meta

With All You Can Eat enacted, Fans were now able to purchase Snack Slots at 200 Coins apiece - avid collectors of Concession stand items (in a two-birds-one-stone stroke of fiscal derring-do) would earn the admiration of coin-hungry Fans at the same time as irrevocably destroying their passive income[1].

This smorgasbord of comestible choice, able to cater to a range of playstyles, made informed attempts at achieving maximum profit a daunting prospect. Resources like the seasonal Snacks Spreadsheets of SIBR became an invaluable resource. Despite the wealth of options available, however, the All You Can Eat economy was routinely dominated by one-slot and two-slot portfolios, and has been criticised by economestibologists for its contribution to the accelerated Ego gain of profitable players.

Nullification and aftermath

On Day 59, Season β24, in a game between the New York Millennials and Oxford Paws, Thomas Dracaena hit a solo home run, bringing the Millennials' total runs to 11 and triggering the Black Hole (Black Hole) (viewable here on Before). The Black Hole (Black Hole) nullified All You Can Eat, and fans were no longer able to purchase or discard Snack Slots.

This understandably caused panic among fans, particularly those with a vastly pared-down Snack Pack. Following the Commissioner's reveal of the Map in the Earlsiesta, fans had to spend Votes to steer their team across the Map. Fans with only one slot were unable to purchase votes without selling their pickle collections back to the Monitor - luckily, rouge ichthyologists[2] were on hand to share their herring-based inventory expansion trickery.


Snack Slots and Payout Modifiers
Snack Slots Payout Modifier
1 650%
2 350%
3 250%
4 190%
5 150%
6 125%
7 110%
8 100%
9 90%
10 80%
11 70%
12 63%
13 56%
14 50%
15 45%
16 39%
17 34%
18 30%
19 25%
20 21%
21 17%
22 13%
23 9%
24 5%
25 NaN/0%
26+ 0%
  1. They did get the last laugh, though, when the concept of money was destroyed by Rogue teams on Day 83.
  2. not to be confused with Rogue ichthyologists

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