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Magnify was a Will introduced in the Expansion Era which allowed Fans to grant a player on their Team the 2x modification.

This Will was available between Seasons β20 and Season β22.


To vote for Magnify, Fans are prompted to choose a player on their Team's active roster. If that Will is chosen, the player is given the  2x modification.

Election Results

Season 20

Filing Team Magnified Player Final Odds
Houston Spies Dudley Mueller 4%
Hellmouth Sunbeams Phineas Wormthrice 18%
Miami Dale Caleb Novak 22%
Seattle Garages Malik Destiny 1%

Season 21

Filing Team Magnified Player Final Odds
Canada Moist Talkers Ziwa Mueller 18%
Ohio Worms Loubert Ji-Eun 30%
Chicago Firefighters Baby Triumphant 9%
Kansas City Breath Mints Mooney Doctor II 46%
Tokyo Lift Yusef Fenestrate 0%
Seattle Garages Lotus Mango 25%

Season 22

Filing Team Magnified Player Final Odds
Hellmouth Sunbeams Hahn Fox 49%
Chicago Firefighters Swamuel Mora 5%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Baby Doyle 50%
Houston Spies Commissioner Vapor 19%
Yellowstone Magic Bevan Wise 24%