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2x is both a Player and Team Modification first seen in the Season β20 Elections.


When Players with the 2x Modification (or players on a team with the 2x modification) bat in or allow any Runs, these Runs will be multiplied by 2. This includes both Batters batting in runs, and Pitchers allowing runs.


The 2x modification was first seen in the Season β20 Elections. In Season β20, the Magnify Will was first offered to teams, with the description: Magnify a Player on your Team. Runs batted in or allowed by this Player are multiplied.

The Magnify Will was offered from Seasons 20 through 22. The following players were Magnified via the Will:

Player Team Election
Adelaide Judochop Core Mechanics Season 21
Baby Doyle Breckenridge Jazz Hands Season 22
Baby Triumphant Chicago Firefighters Season 21
Bevan Wise Yellowstone Magic Season 22
Caleb Novak Miami Dale Season 20
Commissioner Vapor Houston Spies Season 22
Dudley Mueller Houston Spies Season 20
Hahn Fox Hellmouth Sunbeams Season 22
Lotus Mango Seattle Garages Season 21
Loubert Ji-Eun Ohio Worms Season 21
Malik Destiny Seattle Garages Season 20
Mooney Doctor II Kansas City Breath Mints Season 21
Phineas Wormthrice Hellmouth Sunbeams Season 20
Rodriguez Internet Kansas City Breath Mints Season 23 (Big Head Mode Blessing)
Swamuel Mora Chicago Firefighters Season 22
Yusef Fenestrate Tokyo Lift Season 21
Ziwa Mueller Canada Moist Talkers Season 21

2x was offered as a Team Modification for the first time in the Season β23 Elections, where the blessing Season 24: Enhance was offered, with the description: Magnify your Team. The Yellowstone Magic won the Blessing as follows:

  • Season 24: Enhance blessed the Yellowstone Magic.
    • The Magic are now at 2x Magnification.
      • +  2x
    • The Magic had 20% of the Votes
      They were the highest bidders.
      5,499,817 votes were cast.


  • The Magnify Will was implemented in a manner which could allow it to be applied multiple times to a single player, giving them subsequent Modifications of 3x, 4x and up to 5x; however this was never seen in-game.
  • Player and Team versions of this modification will act multiplicatively - a Run scored by a 2x batter by or against a 2x Magnified team will count for 4 runs total.
    • This was used to most dramatic effect on Season 24, Day 58, when Magnified Bevan Wise on the Magnified Yellowstone Magic scored a two run home run, followed by Atlas Diaz performing an alley oop, scoring 12 runs in a single at-bat.