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The Hellmouth is home to the Hellmouth Sunbeams. It was first seen above ground at the end of Season 1.


The Hellmouth[1] was created at the end of Season 1 when The Forbidden Book was opened.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

During its creation, the Hellmouth consumed a majority of Moab, Utah. These circumstances resulted in extremely hot temperatures, and a flourishing wolf population.

When Hellmouth formed, all written references to Moab, Utah were replaced with references to Hellmouth instead, with the resulting documents and signage appearing to be designed and spaced properly for the altered text. Certain references to Moab have been destroyed via burning instead, although it is still unclear why some were destroyed and some were replaced.


Hell's Best SumBeans
A can of SUNN Light.

Hellmouth is considered to be one of the least habitable cities to host a blaseball team, due to its arid climate, connection to Hell, and numerous teeth - by and large, Hellmouth is inhospitable to most living beings. It is not clean or safe, and its attempts to lure people towards it are actively opposed by the Hellmouth Anti-Tourism Board which makes sure Hellmouth is not welcoming to anyone (except for maybe JEFF!). This is no easy task, since the Hellmouth region of eastern Utah is widely known for its National Plarks and outdoor recreation areas.

Despite its hostility, the local industry has quickly adapted to the new reality, taking advantage of the new opportunities, and spawning various local delicacies, the most famous of which are Hell's Best SumBeans and SUNN light.

Olfactory Effects

The Hellmouth induces a unique olfactory sensation in each individual that comes into contact with it.[2]

Reported smells include:

  • Hints of burnt rubber
  • Orange slices and brimstone
  • Hot sand and bubblegum
  • Patchouli and Peanuts
  • The colour turquoise
  • The home of a childhood friend, but not one you remember having
  • The colour burnt orange
  • Home

The Tug

Fans of the Sunbeams, and other residents of Hellmouth, reportedly experience the "Tug." The Tug is described as a sensation wherein one implicitly knows the relative direction of the center of the Hellmouth in the form of "soft urgent pressure".[3]

Iggy Delacruz, who harks from a Hellmouth in an Alternate Reality, has reported feeling two simultaneous Tugs, one toward the Hellmouth on the Immaterial Plane, and another "in a direction that isn't a direction."


People who spend enough time in Hellmouth undergo a transformation known as Adaptation. These people change in some way to allow them to survive the harsh living conditions of the Hellmouth. Known examples include becoming plant matter, growing scales, changing from warm blooded to cold blooded, gaining wolf-like properties such as lycanthropy, and generally becoming less similar to humans. Adaptation is not considered to be painful, and most residents eventually come to enjoy their new features. The Hellmouth Anti-Tourism Board considers Adaptation to be the last stage of becoming a resident of Hellmouth, and will stop attempting to make a visitor leave once they have undergone Adaptation. There are no known cases of residents experiencing The Tug before Adaptation.



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Other locations[4]

Natural Features and Recreation


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