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Season 0 was a Season of Internet League Blaseball that took place prior to Season β1, in the week of July 13-19, 2020. Little is known about the Season, as unlike following Seasons, it took place during the closed pre-release beta of Blaseball, and thus was not visible to Fans.


A screenshot of the standings after 126 games, on Thursday.[1]

Most information about Season 0 is only available through records on the official Discord, either from employees of The Game Band (umpires) or from other participants in the closed beta.

In addition, events from Season 0 are available via The Library in the following volumes:


A screenshot of Game 2 of the Quarter-Finals, showing the two Good League matchups.[2]

Unlike those of subsequent seasons, Season 0's Postseason rounds were best-of-7 series rather than best-of-5. Additionally, the Postseason occurred in its entirety on Friday night, rather than on Saturday.

All final series records are unknown, as is the winner of the Internet Series, though it is known that the Chicago Firefighters won at least the first two games of the Internet Series. It should be noted that regardless of the winner, their Championship was seemingly removed prior to Season β1. Known Season 0 Postseason results are listed below.[2][3]

  Round of 8 Round of 4 Internet Series
  ? Boston Flowers ?  
? Chicago Firefighters 4  
  ? Chicago Firefighters ?  
Good League
  ? Hawai'i Fridays 4  
? Dallas Steaks ?
  ? Hawai'i Fridays 4  
    GL Chicago Firefighters ?
  EL Breckenridge Jazz Hands ?
  ? Seattle Garages 4  
? Unknown ?  
  ? Seattle Garages 4
Evil League
  ? Breckenridge Jazz Hands ?  
? Breckenridge Jazz Hands 4
  ? Unknown ?  


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