Alternate Trust

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Alternate Trust (formerly known as Alternate, or informally as Purple Alt after Season β18) was a Will introduced in the Expansion Era which allowed Fans to call in Alternates of players, rerolling their stats and providing a modification, set each season.

Between Seasons β12 and β14, this Will was known as Alternate, and only rerolled stats.

Starting in Season β15, it was combined with Trust, and both called in an Alternate and gave them a modification.

Alternate Trust was available until Season β19.


To vote for Alternate Trust, Fans are prompted to choose a player on their Team to call in the Alternate for. Beginning in Season 18, the total star count of these players was also preserved between alternations (if a player had 19.8 stars, their Alternate would still have 19.8 stars).

Calling the Alternate for a player with Attractor removes the Attractor modification and provides the text "X feels renewed."

A random modification was also given to these players, set each season.

Season Modification
β15  Parasite
β16  Careful
β17 Unknown
β18  Negative,  Undertaker*
β19  Negative

The sole exception to this rule was Justice Spoon, who when targeted with Alternate Trust during the Season β18 elections, gained the Undertaker modification rather than Negative. Spoon had previously gained Negative during the Season 18 Tarot Reading.

Election Results

Season 12

Filing Team Alternated Player Final Odds
Yellowstone Magic Cory Twelve 23%
Dallas Steaks Gallup Crueller 34%

Season 13

Filing Team Alternated Player Final Odds
Atlantis Georgias Flattery McKinley 22%

Season 14

This Will was not executed in Season 14.

Season 15

Filing Team Alternated Player Final Odds
Tokyo Lift Elwin McGhee 5%
Mexico City Wild Wings Yong Wright 3%
Hawai'i Fridays Baldwin Breadwinner 40%

Season 16

Filing Team Alternated Player Final Odds
Dallas Steaks PolkaDot Patterson 2%
Chicago Firefighters Socks Maybe 26%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Elijah Valenzuela 2%

Season 17

This Will was not executed in Season 17.

Season 18

Filing Team Alternated Player Final Odds
Houston Spies Yrjö Kerfuffle 3%
Core Mechanics Kelvin Andante 8%
Atlantis Georgias Erin Jesaulenko 27%
Canada Moist Talkers Greer Lott 2%
Tokyo Lift Jessica Telephone 8%
Charleston Shoe Thieves Ren Hunter 22%
Mexico City Wild Wings Scarlet Caster 35%
Seattle Garages Brisket Friendo 24%
New York Millennials Anathema Elemefayo 21%
Chicago Firefighters Justice Spoon 28%

Season 19

Filing Team Alternated Player Final Odds
Boston Flowers Jaylen Hotdogfingers 1%
Miami Dale Caleb Novak 33%
Chicago Firefighters Socks Maybe 4%
Canada Moist Talkers Amos Melon 6%
Philly Pies Peanut Holloway 32%