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Smithy is a Ballpark Modification that was introduced with the Season β17 Decree. It causes the ballpark to occasionally repair the items of players during games.


The Smithy can activate at any time during a game in a ballpark with the Smithy renovation. It can activate on either team, and will select a player to beckon over with the following message:

Smithy beckons to [PLAYER]. [ITEM] is repaired!

Repairing an item this way would restore a single pip of durability, and could restore broken items, or simply refill durability on damaged items.


The Smithy was introduced with the passing of the Smithy Decree in the Season 17 that read "All non-Playoff Teams from this Season build a Smithy in their Ballpark, which occasionally repairs Items".

The Smithy passed with 968,906 Votes, 11% of all Decree Votes and the following message:


Ballpark Additions

Smithies were only available from the Smithy Decree, and were all built in the Season β17 Election. It was never available for teams to build as a renovation afterwards, and thus could never be ratified.

The Smithy was built by the Lift, Jazz Hands, Tigers, Wild Wings, Georgias, Flowers, Worms, Lovers, Garages, Mechanics, Moist Talkers, Shoe Thieves, Breath Mints, and Crabs.