Sun 30

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Sun 30 is a League-Wide Modification affecting team's standings in the league by granting an additional Win to both teams any time a game reached Extra Innings.

Sun 30 was in effect from Season 21 until its Nullification by Black Hole (Black Hole) on Day 43 of Season β24.

Season 20 Election

In Season 20, Sun 30 was offered as one of three possible Decrees the community could vote on to go into effect, alongside the following:

  • Sun 3 Set Sun. If your Team sweeps all 3 games of a Regular Season series, the final non-loss is worth 2 Wins.
  • Sun 9 Set Sun. Non-losses on the Week End (every 9th Day) are worth 2 Wins.

Sun 30 passed with 4,186,835 Votes, 58% of all Decree Votes, and the following messages

  • SUN 30 WAS SET.
    • + Tgb sun 30.png Sun 30
  • Sun(Sun)'s Pressure built...
    • 35.41%

In Game Effect

When any game entered Extra Innings, a message appeared in the game's feed proclaiming that "Sun 30 smiled upon" both teams, and they both gained an additional Win.

Outside of Sun 2 and Black Hole weather, this was also the first mechanic introduced to the game to have a significant potential effect on the number of Wins in the standings. Fans were quick to attempt to gauge the effects of the available decrees on team's post-season chances, though for the most part it was difficult to say and often up to chance.


On Day 43, Sandie Turner of the New York Millennials nullified Sun 30 by scoring ten runs under the Black Hole (Black Hole).

Despite Sun 30's Nullification, fans were surprised to see that two minutes later as the Carolina Queens and Oxford Paws entered extra innings they were both given a feed message that Sun 30 smiled upon them, and granted their extra win as usual. Two additional games on Day 43 gave the same message, and in fact Sun 30 continued to hand out extra wins until Day 48, before finally burning out.