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Spears Rogers is a player for the New York Millennials, and has been with the team since Season 1, Day 24. Rogers has played for the Hades Tigers and Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

Official League Records

Rogers joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β21, Day 82, Rogers joined the Jazz Hands' lineup in exchange for Mikan Hammer at the Breckenridge Community Field via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β23, Day 95, Rogers was exchanged to the Hades Tigers due to Feedback. Rogers was replaced by Famous Owens. The two were exchanged back to their original teams later that game in the last possible moment.

On Season 1, Day 24, Rogers fell to the New York Millennials during a game in Horizon weather, becoming Buried.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

A legend about Spears Rogers

When Spears Rogers arrived in the Pocket’s Pit with the Return of Blaseball, the ground shifted and a grand door formed, and the Pit’s library opened.


Rogers uses any neopronouns but Hy/Hym/Hys pronouns are preferred by hym. Hy’s generally described to be spikey or sea urchin-like. Hy has tattoos of flowers on one of hys arms that shift on occasion, no one knows when/why Rogers got these tattoos, and hy will give conflicting accounts about them when asked. Hy has one missing eye that hy says hy lost after a beginning. Spears carries a large pen with a detachable tip and floral engravings, these engravings contain the same flowers as Rogers’ tattoos. Rogers frequently wears dramatic capes. Rogers plays the pipe organ and the earth harp, however hy doesn’t play the earth harp in jams.


Rogers is dramatic which is a quality that early Jazz Hands say has become more extreme by hys time in the pit. Rogers has also been described as “Sentai villain-esque” by former and current Jazz Hands. Rogers is a curator, and wants to create and preserve beautiful things, as well as acquire other artifacts like the Sheet Music of the Universe.


Rogers has the Magical ability of Papermancy, which allows hym to manipulate paper magically; it allows hym to do things like float paper in the air, and fold it without hys hands touching it. This school of magic also allows hym to manipulate ink.


Rogers is ace/aro and was in a queer platonic partnership Alexandria Draceana until xyr incineration, after Draceana's death Rogers rarely came out of the library until hys unshadowing. When hy was unshadowed hy was introduced to Quack Enjoyable who became hys henchduck quickly after meeting Rogers, providing many skills as a henchperson as well as being a good friend to hym.

The Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria is where Rogers resided until hys unshadowing and is named after Alexandria Dracaena, it also contains many books written by xem. The Library is infinite, and can be difficult and hostile to navigate. It has a spider web like earth harp above it which Rogers plays by scuttling over it, hy usually does private performances as hy does not like to be seen scuttling.

Pond Squad

After Chorby Short super roamed to the Jazz Hands she formed the Pond Squad with Zippy DeShields, Quack Enjoyable, and Siobhan Chark. They are library assistants in the Library of Alexandria, but when asked about their duties Rogers replied “they’re more trouble than help,” when this question was followed up with asking why hy allows them to be library assistants still, Rogers replied “they’re still some help.” The Pond Squad wrote a series of magical girl plays with Rogers as the villain. The plays have since been collected and animated, with episodes synopsis being available online1

Rogers on the field

Rogers bats with hys signature calligraphy pen and hits a lot of singles and home runs. Hy also frequently tries to steal a lot, but often fails. When asked about hys frequent basetheft attempts, hy replied “I’ve got a plan, you won’t know it until you see it but it will be important.” When Quack Enjoyable was asked about this plan they said “Hy’s trying to steal The Fifth Base to go on a world conquering tour.” The Fifth Base was Nullified along with Castillo Turner in S24.

A Dramatic Entrance

On Day 83 of Season 21, the day after Rogers voicemailed out of the Shadows, fans began noticing strange time dilations at the plate, Lancelot Kane seemed to be repeating the same swing over and over again. Some theories posit that Kane’s repeating helmet was to blame however other fans noticed Rogers rubbing hys hands together and laughing to hymself in the dugout. This time loop was fixed when Mikan Hammer approached the plate with Baby Doyle and helped Doyle hit Kane's helmet, leaving a dent. The time loop was fixed and play continued, with Kane hitting a single and inning 6 ending soon after.  

LCD Soundsystem Feedback Fraud

In the Latesiesta of Season 23 Rogers was given a Fliickerrriiing Potion, when asked about it hy said “Of course I plan on traveling far afield from Breckenridge and acquiring an army of minions so I may finally acquire the Sheet Music of the Universe.” This plan seemed to begin on Day 95, when Rogers feedbacked for the Tigers last remaining Season 1 player Famous Owens, in the seventh inning stretch reporters asked if Owens had become one of Rogers’ ‘minions’ Owens laughed and said “Oh no not Spears, hy’s proven to be a loyal associate dear, and I’m always up for a chance to become an even bigger star, darlings.” Walton Sports soon feedbacked with Siobhan Chark, Sports could be seen speaking with Rogers for several minutes after this feedback. At the last out of the ninth inning, fans had reconciled with Rogers’ and Owens’ respective departures, heartfelt goodbyes had been directed at both players and Rogers was pitched 1 strike looking, 2 strikes looking, and then Owens feedbacked back to the Tigers for Rogers. A third strike was pitched and the at bat finished. This has been known to fans as the LCD Soundsystem Feedback Fraud and the last minute swap has been attributed to Rogers’ and Owens’ flair for drama. If Sports played a part in the last minute swap is unknown, neither player will say.  


  • Rogers does not like water.
  • Rogers can scuttle over walls though hy doesn’t like to be seen doing it.
  • Rogers is a big fan of Lootcrates.

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