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The credits of Blaseball are acknowledgements of those involved in the creation, maintenance, and enjoyment of Blaseball. Credits exist for the Discipline Era, Expansion Era, and the end of Blaseball itself.

Each set of credits can be found below, collapsed for ease of use.

Discipline Era

The credits for the Discipline Era ran at the end of Season β11.

Thank You for Playing

Internet League #Blaseball: The Discipline Era

Brought to you by The Game Band

Sam Rosenthal

Joel Clark

Stephen Bell

Felix Kramer

Roldan Melcon

Elena Murphy

Cory Davis

Cedric Adams

Parker MacMillan III

Special thanks to

Gabe McGill

The Keepers

Nikki Hart

Claire Neveu

Eli Penner

Chang Liu

Dom Wong

Kathy Liu

Sumi Ali

Cat Manning

Allegra Baron

The Bloodhouse

The Sponsors



The Wiki Team

The Artists

The Team Accounts

The News Accounts

The Splorts Macheen

The Announcers

The Captains

The RP'ers

The Garages (the Band)

The Entire Blaseball Community

We are all love Blaseball

Expansion Era

The credits for the Expansion Era ran at the end of Season β24. It was followed by a survey link. The link itself has been removed.

Thank You for Playing
Blaseball: The Expansion Era

The Game Band is

Stephen Bell

Joel Clark

Bria Davis

Cory Davis

Felix Kramer

Parker MacMillan IIIII

Gabe McGill

Roldan Melcon

Sven Michel

Aleksandria Minmaximus

Elena Murphy

Quinn Palmer

Stephanie Pozos

Jesse Raccio

Lonnie Rad

Sam Rosenthal

Kobi Saha

Elliot Trinidad

Melissa Villanueva

With Help from

Sam Kabo Ashwell

Cat Manning

The Blaseball Roundup

Anni Sayers - Art and Videography

Quintin Smith - The Anchor

Special Thanks

The Keepers

Cedric Adams

The Garages (The Band)



The Society for Internet Blaseball Research

All the casters and journalists

Developers of the Columbia River Salmon Passage (CRiSP) Harvest Model

David Bedard, Sweet Baby Inc.

Maria Beck

USC Games

Cabel Sasser


Sumi Ali

Nayely Martinez

Alex Schleifer

Abi Ashok

Thariq Shihipar

Makers Fund

1Up Ventures

Matthew Ball

Miranda Mels

Samantha Lavender

All our sponsors

All of our families and our friends, our support after logging off

The Animals that help us through

Gnome, Brisket, and Sneakers Ceviche Violence

Amos and Barley, the dynamic duo

Cocoa, the Keepers' beloved

Juniper and Luna

Joel's Plants, Every Single One

Ellie, Foxy, and Frankie

Alby, Buster, and Fish

The Fans

Thank you to all of the Fans who participated in the Blaseball Beta.

The Fans of the Atlantis Georgias

The Fans of the Baltimore Crabs

The Fans of the Boston Flowers

The Fans of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands

The Fans of the Canada Moist Talkers

The Fans of the Charleston Shoe Thieves

The Fans of the Chicago Firefighters

The Fans of the Core Mechanics

The Fans of the Dallas Steaks

The Fans of the Hades Tigers

The Fans of the Hawai'i Fridays

The Fans of the Hellmouth Sunbeams

The Fans of the Houston Spies

The Fans of the Kansas City Breath Mints

The Fans of the LA Unlimited Tacos

The Fans of the Mexico City Wild Wings

The Fans of the Miami Dale

The Fans of the New York Millennials

The Fans of the Ohio Worms

The Fans of the Philly Pies

The Fans of the San Francisco Lovers

The Fans of the Seattle Garages

The Fans of the Tokyo Lift

The Fans of the Yellowstone Magic

The Fans of the Teams not listed

The Fans who create art.

The Fans who write stories.

The Fans who chart graphs.

The Fans who just vibe.

The Fans who bring us all together.

There are many Teams, but only one League.

Without You, Blaseball would just be a Book of Rules.

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Your experiences will shape the next Era.

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The End of Blaseball

The credits for Blaseball ran on June 7, 2023 and were followed by the Release of all Players.

Here lies Blaseball.

To Fans of Blaseball, who have cheered and cried with us, who watched Suns die and Eras pass, who have defied the Gods and death itself, who have been with us through the end of the world as we knew it and then what came after: thank you.

It has been a great joy to make Blaseball for you. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future, something new will bring us all back together.

Rest in Violence.

The Game Band

The Commissioner of Blaseball

Parker MacMillan IIIII

Studio Management

Sam Rosenthal

Roneil Reddy

Melissa Villanueva


Felix Kramer

Gabe McGill

Lonnie Rad

Game Design

Joel Clark

Alexei Pepers

Narrative Design

Stephen Bell

Trans-media Narrative and Marketing

LB Hunktears

Growth Marketing

Abi Ashok

Jennifer Blanton

Product Design

Eric Akaoka

Sean Durfee

Adam Saint


Cory Davis

Stephanie Pozos


Emily Garcia

Mel Griffin

Ethan “Eden” Gooding

Omar Malavé

Roldán Melcon

Alejandro Monasterios

Robert Moore

Elena Murphy

Jesse Raccio

Lucas Spirandeli

Christine Williamson


Aya Freundt

Sven “Notes” Michel

Community Design

Bria “Croms” Davis

Aleksandria “Sins” Minmaximus

Quinn “Mountain” Palmer

Elliot “Orb” Trinidad

Community Moderators

C. F. "Pigeons" Light

Christopher “Launchpad” Money

Max “Max” Nealeigh

Volunteer Moderators (The Keepers)

Brendan “Atlantic” McLeod

Meguey “Bees” Baker

Elizabeth "Chaos" Vialls

Dylan "Dax" Ivory

Colin "Durt" McInerney

Coby “East” West

Keeper “Sera” Ergodicist

Morgan “Executioner” Noel

Keeper Flannel

Keeper Fox

Kevin "Malort" Knight

Alyxzandria "Moth" Smith

Liv “Owl” Miller

Em “Penny” Broude

Keeper “Bri” Siggif

Elliot Degrassi "Skates" Yokum

Nick "Tree" Richards

Billy "Truck" Galant

Barrett "Weeks" Beach

D.J. “Wicket” Ringis

Dylan “Zilch” Ilvento

Special Thanks

Sam Kabo Ashwell

Sweet Baby Inc

Torin Borrowdale

Scott “Joel’s Dad” Clark

The Custodians

Evolve PR

Glass Embroidery


Kristi Knupp

Nayely Martinez

Cat Manning

Studio Meala


Arman Nobari


Kobi Saha

Alex Schleifer

Quintin Smith

Wayfinder Games

Our friends, family, partners, plants, and pets for their support

Our Community

The Chroniclers

The Artists and Writers

The Shitposters

The Musicians

The Fundraisers

The Spreadsheet Keepers

The Posters

The Helpers

The God Killers

The Fans

Your passion astounds us always.

Thank you for playing.