Kansas City Breath Mints/Season 15

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In Season β15, the Kansas City Breath Mints finished 4th in the Mild League, and 8th in the ILB.

During the Season 15 Earlsiesta, the Breath Mints Arcana, XIII, was drawn in the center of the Reading. The Breath Mints gained the seasonal modification Middling as a result, causing them to overperform during the Season 15 Midseason.

On Day 52 of the Season, the Breath Mints played the New York Millennials at The Meadow, and Millennials pitcher Uncle Plasma entered the Breath Mints Shadows as a result of The Meadows’ Crime Scene modification which was added during the Season β14 Election as part of The Investigation. The game lasted for 35 minutes and 11 seconds, during which Breath Mints fans placed 252,180 votes to Foreshadow Oscar Vaughan for Plasma, a plan that became known as “The Plansma”. At the end of the game, Plasma left the Breath Mints’ Shadows and the Crime Scene modification was removed from The Meadow, with apparently no clues found for The Investigation.

In the postseason, The Breath Mints were seeded 4th in the Mild League, and won 2-0 versus the Core Mechanics in the Wild Card games. They then lost 0-3 versus the Baltimore Crabs in the Division Series.

The Breath Mints received 2 Wills in the Election, Foreshadowing Oscar Vaughan for Uncle Plasma, and Transfusing Leach Ingram’s pitching ability at the cost of some baserunning. The Breath Mints won 0 blessings in the Election.


The starting roster of Season 15.

Lineup Rotation


Tarot Reading

  • V
    The Hierophant
    The Empress
    • +  Middling

Ballpark Renovations

Roster Changes

The Breath Mints had a player swept elsewhere 1 times in Season 15, and had 1 player elsewhere from a previous Season:

The Breath Mints experienced 1 blooddrain during Season 15:

The Breath Mints experienced 2 Consumer attacks during Season 15:

  • On Day 98, Marquez Clark was attacked by a Consumer.
    • Combined 10.4 8.1
  • On Day 101, Hewitt Best was attacked by a Consumer.
    • Combined 20.7 18.3

Notable Games

In Season 15, some of the notable Breath Mints games were:

Election Outcomes



Note: This was possible as a result of The Investigation, which placed Uncle Plasma in the Breath Mints Shadows on Day 52 of the Season. All 252,180 votes placed for this result were placed during that game, which lasted a total of 35 minutes and 11 seconds.

  • Teamicon breath mints.png
    • The Breath Mints vote to infuse Leach Ingram's Pitching ability.
    • Leach Ingram's Pitching is Infused.
      • Pitching 3.5 4.6
    • Leach Ingram's Baserunning is Outfused.
      • Baserunning 4.2 3.9
    • Transfuse - 43% of all Breath Mints Will Votes
      This Filing - 99% of Breath Mints Transfuse Votes
      Final Odds - 43% chance of happening.

Fan Works