Crime Scene

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Crime Scene is a Ballpark Modification that was first seen in the Season β14 Election as a result of the Investigation.


When a player that is Hard Boiled plays in a Crime Scene, they will temporarily leave their team's roster, and enter the home team's Shadows. While in the shadows they will look for clues, and return to their original place on the Roster at the end of the game.

The Breath Mints

During an investigation of The Meadow on Season 15 Day 52, the Hard-Boiled Uncle Plasma entered the Breath Mints' Shadows to investigate. The Fans of the Breath Mints proceeded to place 252,180 Foreshadow votes during that game, which lasted a total of 35 minutes and 11 seconds. The resulting will in the Season β15 Election traded Uncle Plasma for the Mint's Oscar Vaughan.


The Crime Scene modification was used as a part of the Investigation story line in the Expansion Era. Only two instances of it have been seen, both from the Season β14 elections where it was added to the The Meadow and The Choux.

On Season 15 Day 33, Uncle Plasma entered the Crime Scene at The Choux and found "traces of coffee". The Choux lost its Crime Scene modification at the end of the game, when Plasma returned to the Millennials. Once again, on Day 52, Plasma entered the Crime Scene at The Meadow, but did not find anything. The Crime Scene modification was removed from The Meadow as well at the end of the investigation.