Kansas City Breath Mints (Gamma 3)

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DANGER! High Voltage!
This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Kansas City Breath Mints.

The Kansas City Breath Mints are a Blaseball team in the Frozen Sky division of the Sky Conference. They have been a part of Internet League Blaseball since Gamma 3, Season 1.


Lineup Rotation
  • Posh Radiant
  • Liam Mesmer
  • Jules Wagner
  • Paisley Darling
  • Mildew Domski
  • Dace O'Really
  • Glenda Bolton

Former Players


  • Saoirse Singh (Became a  Static Charge; Charge Election)

Season Results

56-43 record, 1-2 Postseason Record

Gamma 3 was the 2nd Short Circuit, lasting 1 Season taking place over 2 weeks. In Gamma 3 Season 1, the Kansas City Breath Mints finished 4th in the Sky League, and 7th in the ILB.

In the Midseason Election, the Breath Mints won the Muscle Warmers Amplification, improving batting stats for the lineup, and the Snow Shovel Distortion, receiving a Snow Shovel for Saoirse Singh.

In the postseason, The Breath Mints were seeded 4th in the Sky League, and lost 1-2 versus the New York Millennials/Gamma 3 in the Mild Card Series.

In the final Election, the Breath Mints voted to send Saoirse Singh to Charge the Microphone.

Roster Changes

The Kansas City Breath Mints experienced no changes to their roster over the course of the season or postseason.




  • Teamicon breath mints.png
    Snow Shovel blessed the Kansas City Breath Mints.
    • Saoirse Singh gained Snow Shovel.
      • + Snow Shovel
      • +  Unfreezable
    • The Breath Mints had 13% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Mechanics with 18%
      28,134 votes were cast.


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