Kansas City Breath Mints/Season 24

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In Season β24, the Kansas City Breath Mints were incinerated on Day 3 under Supernova Eclipse weather and replaced by the Oxford Paws. They were unable to complete the regular season.

Prepped for success following winning 4 blessings in the previous election, the Breath Mints powerhouse run was quickly cut short by their incineration. One of only 2 teams incinerated in Season 24, the Breath Mints were the only team to be incinerated while not Unstable. With the team incineration, Season 1 players and Fire Eaters Rodriguez Internet and Leach Ingram jumped to the Oxford Paws, unable to stay on the now deceased team.

Following the Latesiesta, the Breath Mints navigated out the Hall and into the Vault.


The starting roster of Season 24.

Lineup Rotation


Roster Changes

The Breath Mints experienced 1 Consumer attack during Season 24:


Screenshot of the Breath Mints incineration.

On Day 3 of the Season while playing in Supernova Eclipse weather, during the top of the 5th inning, the Breath Mints were incinerated by a Rogue Umpire and replaced by the Oxford Paws.

At the time, the Breath Mints had 2 players with the Fire Eater modification, Rodriguez Internet, and Leach Ingram, the second of which had the modification due to their Fire Eating Air Jersey. Internet and Ingram then joined the Paws.

At the moment of incineration Jode Preston was on 1st base, and Rodriguez Internet was up to bat. As the team was incinerated, Preston was also incinerated, but remained on base, and Internet became Magmatic from the attempted incineration. Internet, now on the Paws, immediately hit a Magmatic homerun, batting in the deceased Preston.

Following the end of games on Day 3, The Monitor appeared in order to welcome the Breath Mints to the Hall.

Screenshot of The Monitor addressing The Breath Mints.

the breath mints.
follow me
take a break
beat the heat
in the trench
it's cool there
oh and pudge
door's always open

Going Rogue

During the Latesiesta, the Hall of Flame was opened, and teams in the Hall went Rogue. At this time, Navigation of the Map that had appeared during the Earlsiesta became available to deceased teams.


Navigation route of the Kansas City Breath Mints during Season 24.

Following their release from the Hall of Flame, the Breath Mints began Navigation towards the center of the Map alongside other Rogue teams, before rerouting and steering toward the Vault. Upon reaching the Vault on Day 98, their Rogue modification was removed, they were given the Force modification, and they were removed from the Map.


Following the Credits, it was confirmed that the Breath Mints would return.

review underway

  • The Kansas City Breath Mints will Return.

Notable Games

In Season 24, some of the notable Breath Mints games were:

  • On Day 1, Winnie Hess played their first game as a batter, stealing 6 bases. (Watch here on Before)
  • On Day 3, the Breath Mints were incinerated and replaced by the Oxford Paws. (Watch here on Before)
  • On Day 3, following the game, The Monitor appeared on screen to welcome the Breath Mints to the Hall of Flame. (Watch here on Before)
  • On Day 25, The Meadow, now occupied by the Oxford Paws, reverbs the lineup of the Tokyo Lift. (Watch here on Before)

Election Outcomes

There was no election in Season 24 due to the nullification of Blaseball.


Spearnova discord emoji by Monochrome and Katy.
  • As the technical first team eliminated from the postseason, the Breath Mints were granted a Discord emoji in the Blaseball server. This featured The Spearmint eclipsing the Supernova.

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