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For the Modification which makes players Overperform in the Earlseason, see Earlbirds.
For the Modifications which make players Over- or Underperform in the Lateseason, see Late to the Party.
For the Modification which make players Over- or Underperform in the Postseason, see Ambitious.

Middling is a Modification, first seen as a Team Modification in Season β15 and a Player Modification in Season β16.
Coasting is a Player Modification, to date only seen on Items.


Middling causes players (either with the Modification or on a Team with the Modification) to gain the  Overperforming Modification in the Midseason.

Coasting causes players to gain the  Underperforming Modification in the Midseason.



Middling was introduced as a part of the Middling blessing in the Season β15 Elections, but was seen on a Team before the Election results due to the Reader. In the Earlsiesta reading, XIII was drawn and the Middling Modification given to the Kansas City Breath Mints for the Season 15 Midseason. The blessing was later won by the Spies, to be used in the Season β16 Midseason.

Middling appeared again in the Season β16 Election under the Middle of the Pack Blessing, which granted a random player on the winning team Middling as a Permanent Modification. This was won by the Hades Tigers, and granted to Aldon Cashmoney.


Coasting has only ever been seen as an Item Modification - curiously, it has only ever appeared on items from the shimmering Crates dropped in Glitter weather. Items with the Coasting Modification have dropped twice in the history of Blaseball: