Kansas City Breath Mints/Season 11

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In Season β11, the Kansas City Breath Mints finished 7th in the Mild League, and 15th in the ILB.

The Breath Mints won 1 blessing in the Election, gaining the XIII Arcana.


The starting roster of Season 11.

Lineup Rotation


Roster Changes

The Breath Mints experienced 1 party during Season 11:

Record Changes

The Breath Mints gained 7 Wins due to Sun 2 in Season 11:

The Breath Mints had 5 Wins swallowed due to Black Hole in Season 11:

Notable Games

In Season 11, some of the notable Breath Mints games were:

  • On Day 9, both the Breath Mints and the Steaks triggered Black Hole. (Watch here on Before)
  • On Day 36, both the Breath Mints and the Shoe Thieves triggered Sun 2. (Watch here on Before)

Election Outcomes

Fan Works