Kansas City Breath Mints/Season 12

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In Season β12, the Kansas City Breath Mints finished 6th in the Mild League, and 10th in the ILB.

The Breath Mints received 2 Wills in the Election, first Infusing Pudge Nakamoto, and then Revoking Nakamoto. Breath Mints hitter Jessica Telephone was targeted by the Mexico City Wild Wings' Plunder Will, sending back Joshua Watson in exchange. The Breath Mints won 0 blessings in the Election.


The starting roster of Season 12.

Lineup Rotation


Roster Changes

The Breath Mints experienced 5 blooddrains during Season 12:

The Breath Mints experienced 1 allergic reaction during Season 12:

The Breath Mints experienced 4 parties during Season 12:

Record Changes

The Breath Mints gained 1 Win due to Sun 2 in Season 12:

The Breath Mints had 5 Wins swallowed due to Black Hole in Season 12:

Notable Games

In Season 12, some of the notable Breath Mints games were:

  • On Day 61, during the 10th inning, Breath Mints hitter Rodriguez Internet becomes magmatic, immediately followed by Yellowstone Magic hitter Chorby Short hitting a 3-run home run. In the second half of the 10th, Internet counters with a magmatic 2-run home run and eventually the Breath Mints tie the game and shame the Magic. (Watch here on Before)
  • On Day 71, Breath Mints pitcher Leach Ingram pitches a 20-run “shutout” game in Black Hole weather. (Watch here on Before)

Election Outcomes