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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Spearmint is the apex predator of The Meadow, the home ballpark of the Kansas City Breath Mints.

Known Dangers

Spearmint attacks are often lethal or life-threatening, and have targeted players, staff, and fans alike. As such, visitors are encouraged to be prepared to run for their life at any moment.[1]

The Spearmint has been noted for its exceptional speed, making it a deadly predator. The Spearmint's primary hunting grounds include the tall grasses of the open meadow on the outskirts of town, as well as the adjacent parking lot. Careful observation from a distance has shown the Spearmint to utilize strategic T-Posing among the tall grasses as camouflage before lunging for its prey. The full extent of the Spearmint's territory has not yet been determined, and may extend into greater Kansas City or further, so residents should never consider themselves safe.

Community Reports

  • Hewitt Best has attributed his impressive speed in part due to the practice he receives running from the Spearmint, and has acknowledged it as an large aspect of the team's baserunning training.
  • Teammates have reported that Rodriguez Internet has almost lost their life numerous times to the Spearmint, usually due to tripping on his large JNCO jeans, only to be saved by clipping through the immateria of the meadow. Internet has stated that he will not be getting different pants.
  • After several attending Shoe Thieves fans went missing during games, Dickerson Morse "detectived" that these fans had fallen prey to the Spearmint, unable to resist the temptation of Kansas City's Most Dangerous Kicks. Managemint has responded by publicly promoting Kansas City's Most Dangerous Kicks; visit now to try your hand at nabbing these elusive and exclusive never-before-stolen shoes!
  • Marquez Clark has claimed that his famously bad luck is the result of a curse placed on him by the Spearmint. However, these claims are widely believed to be false, and are often openly mocked. Clark insists that this is part of the curse.
  • During Season β14, Breath Mints hitter Joshua Watson was presumed dead for 19 days, with the Spearmint considered the prime suspect in their death. Eventually it was discovered that Watson had simply been swept Elsewhere for the duration, and that everyone watching the game had actually seen that happen.

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  1. This is conveyed in very small font on each ticket purchased, along with a waiver relieving Managemint of any liability.