Kansas City Breath Mints/Season 4

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In Season β4, the Kansas City Breath Mints finished 7th in the Good League, and 13th in the ILB. The team experienced their first incinerations with the losses of Whit Steakknife on Day 14, and Eduardo Ingram on Day 55.

The Breath Mints won 1 blessing in the Election, improving team pitching by 13%. Additionally, Rodriguez Internet and Oscar Vaughan became Alternates due to the Alternate Reality decree.


The starting roster of Season 4.

Lineup Rotation


Roster Changes

In Season 4, the Breath Mints were subject to two incinerations:

Notable Games

In Season 4, some of the notable Breath Mints games were:

Election Outcomes



Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Breath Mints started season four with promising vigor, the morale of the team greatly championed by team captain Whit Steakknife, and resident sweetheart Boyfriend Monreal. The loss of Axel Trololol, who had been a Breath Mint since season one, was difficult, but the teams and fans found solace in the fact that he had grown beyond them, and found a place in Chicago where he could truly be himself.

The Breath Mints had an impressive winning streak in the first third of the season, with star favorites Oscar Vaughan and Eduardo Ingram leading the charge. This momentum was cut short though, when on a tragic day, Whit Steakknife was incinerated by a rogue umpire. The players on the field reported this death as “the Breath Mints’ darkest day”, however the shadow it cast over the team was soon drowned out by the rallying cry of grief: “We Hit For Whit”. Whit’s replacement, Stew Briggs, was quickly appointed as the new team captain, and became a fan favorite after several powerful bouts at bat. This moment is when the Breath Mints became Unleashed. The team carried this energy through more games and more series, taking some significant upsets against powerhouse teams such as the Millennials and the Firefighters.

However, it was not long until they were struck by another tragedy. Star batter Eduardo Ingram, who was the recipient of buffing at the hand of last season's summoning circles, was soon incinerated as well. This loss was especially tragic as Eduardo was a player often looked over, despite their incredible batting record, which at the time of his death was the best in the league. Eduardo left behind their wife, Leach Ingram, whose pitching notably worsened as she battled with grief. Eddie’s replacement, Lenny Spruce, provided some relief from this pain, but there are some holes not even a joke slinging sentient tree can fill. This marked the second third of the Breath Mints season, a leg of series in which the Breath Mints fell into a massive losing slump. Most notably, they were swept by the Tacos, arguably one of the worst performing teams in the league at the time.

Though fans had hopes that the Breath Mints would rally in the final third of the season, the team was unable to eke out their rivals, the Charleston Shoe Thieves, despite their best efforts. In their last 30 games, they won only 9 of them, a losing streak that solidified their place as fourth in the Lawful Good Division. The season finished with them in a middling 13th place, and with a win loss record of 48-51, disqualifying them for the postseason. This stretch of the season was not without its upsides, moments such as Eizabeth Guerra stealing all four bases in one inning serving as important rallying points for the team. These moments were, however, not enough to curb the tides of fate, and soon the season was over.