Kansas City Breath Mints/Season 14

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In Season β14, the Kansas City Breath Mints finished 5th in the Mild League, and 8th in the ILB.

During the Season 14 Latesiesta, the Breath Mints completed the PsychoAcoustics Stadium Renovation for The Meadow. This resulted in the Localization of Wyatt Mason XIII to the Breath Mints rotation, as part of an event known as the Second Wyatt Masoning. Mason XIII pitched 1 full game for the Breath Mints on Day 78, and was later echoed into Static alongside Charleston Shoe Thieves’ pitcher Wyatt Mason XII on Day 84 of the Season.

During the Season 14, The Investigation into the previous Season’s disappearances of Brisket Friendo and Tad Seeth was officially Underway, with The Meadow and The Choux being declared Crime Scenes during the Election.

The Breath Mints received 2 Wills in the Election, Foreshadowing Grey Alvarado for Kina Larsen, and Infusing Hewitt Best. Breath Mints hitter Jessica Telephone was targeted by the Philly Pies' Plunder Will, sending back Jode Preston in exchange. Breath Mints hitter Joshua Watson was targeted by the Mexico City Wild Wings' Exchange Will, sending back Eizabeth Guerra in exchange. The Breath Mints won 0 blessings in the Election.


The starting roster of Season 14.

Lineup Rotation


Ballpark Renovations

Roster Changes

The Breath Mints experienced 1 allergic reaction during Season 14:

The Breath Mints experienced 1 Peanut Mister activation during Season 14:

  • On Day 13, Grey Alvarado had their peanut allergy cured by The Crabitat’s Peanut Mister.
    • This happened only 7 days after Alvarado experienced a devastating allergic reaction.

The Breath Mints had a player swept elsewhere 4 times in Season 14:

The Breath Mints had 1 player echo into Static during Season 14:

The Breath Mints experienced 2 parties during Season 14:

Notable Games

In Season 14, some of the notable Breath Mints games were:

Election Outcomes


  • The Investigation is Underway.