Kansas City Breath Mints/Season 1

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In Season β1, the Kansas City Breath Mints had their first season as a member of Internet League Blaseball, the Good League, and the Lawful Good division. They finished 7th in the Good League, and 13th in the ILB.

In their first Election, the Breath Mints won one blessing, which maximized the pitching of PolkaDot Patterson, who was then immediately stolen by the Baltimore Crabs, who sent back Winnie Hess in exchange. Hess also received a mystery blessing, improving their pitching from 0 2.5 .


The starting roster[1] of Season 1.

Lineup Rotation


Roster Changes

The Kansas City Breath Mints experienced no changes to their roster over the course of the season or postseason.

Election Outcomes

Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Following the opening of the forbidden book in the Season 1 election, The Breath Mints bid farewell to newly maximized pitcher PolkaDot Patterson, receiving Winnie Hess in their stead. Hess, a low performing pitcher from the Crabs, ended up finding renewed vigor in Kansas City, and quickly shaped up to be one of the team's strongest presences on the mound. Free from the stinky air of the Crabitat, Hess filled their lungs with fresh, fresh air and exhaled, for the first time in over 100 days, fresh breath. The minty aroma of Kansas City revealed Hess’s true potential, transforming them from a zero to a 2.5 star pitcher - the locker-room leader the Mints needed to face season two with renewed vigor.

Meanwhile, the loss of Patterson was felt greatly by their shadow, PolkaDot Zavala. Separated from Patterson, Zavala crawled into Patterson’s shed skin, beginning an arc of transformation that would carry Zavala for seasons.

The team also saw a change of scenery, as they moved from the Kansas City FreshDome to an Open Meadow on the Outskirts of Town, following resident sweetheart Boyfriend Monreal’s tumultuous breakup with the former stadium. Since this split, they have ended up reconnecting, and are now good friends.

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