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In Season β20 the Charleston Shoe Thieves continued on their trend of repeatedly faxing their pitchers. After Pudge Nakamoto in Season 17, the Shoe Thieves had another roamer incinerated with Alejandro Leaf.

Starting Roster

Starting with Season 20, the Shadows Lineup and Shadows Rotation were combined into a single Shadows roster.

Lineup Rotation


Stadium Renovations

During Latesiesta, the Shoe Thieves built 4 renovations for the first time.

  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Balloons - 18,224,923 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Light Switch - 17,353,397 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Grandiosity - - 17,270,458 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Tunnels - 16,940,762 Coins Spent


The Shoe Thieves were listed as top contributors to the Kansas City Breath Mints with 27%.

  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Shoe Thieves received 3 Gifts! - 14,665,270 coins contributed
    • Top Contributors:
    • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
      Underhanded Cap Drop - Wishlist #1
      • Snyder Briggs dropped Bat.
        • - Bat
      • Snyder Briggs gained Underhanded Glove of Vitality.
        • + Underhanded Glove of Vitality
        • +  Underhanded
        • Overall 14.6 -> 14.6 + 0.3
    • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
      Handcrafted Quill Drop - Wishlist #2
      • Tevin Melcon dropped Leg Ring.
        • - Leg Ring
        • Overall 10.6 + 0.5 -> 10.6
      • Tevin Melcon gained Leg Quill.
        • + Leg Quill
        • Overall 10.6 -> 10.6 + 0.4
    • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
      Early to the Party, Team Edition - Wishlist #3

Roster Changes

In Season 20, the Shoe Thieves experienced an Incineration, a Blooddrain, three Consumer attacks and seven Faxes:

The Shoe Thieves entered Party Time on Day 83 and experienced 9 parties, exactly one per day between Day 86 and Day 94:

Upon qualifying for the postseason, the Shoe Thieves earned Dovydas Peeps as a postseason birth.

Notable Games

  • On Day 4, the Moist Talkers's Moderation took all 8 of their own runs and Shamed them.
  • On Day 22, Earlbird Esme Ramsey hit 2 homeruns in 4 plate appearances against the Ohio Worms.
    • This may be used as an argument in favor of the veracity of the phrase "The early bird gets the worm".


The Charleston Shoe Thieves made the Underbracket as the 4th seed in the Mild League.
The Yellowstone Magic, who should have been 4th seed in the Underbracket, were selected as the Wild Card for the Overbracket instead, leaving their place to the Shoe Thieves.

Underbracket Wild Card Round vs. Philly Pies

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 100
Sun 2
Greer Lott 🥧 6 - 1 👟 Tevin Melcon
Day 101
Snyder Briggs 👟 1 - 0 🥧 Henry Marshallow
Day 102
Solar Eclipse
Tiana Takahashi 🥧 14 - 2 👟 Oscar Dollie

The Shoe Thieves took the series 1 - 2 and advanced to the Division Series.

Underbracket Division Series vs. Seattle Garages

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 103
Goodwin Morin III 👟 7 - 2 🎸 Fitzgerald Wanderlust
Day 104
Black Hole
Magi Ruiz 🎸 2 - 3 👟 Gunther O'Brian
Day 105
Blood Hamburger 👟 2 - 5 🎸 Penelope Mathews
Day 106
Tot Clark 🎸 3 - 5 👟 Tevin Melcon

The Seattle Garages took the series 1 - 3. The Shoe Thieves were eliminated.

Library Reveals

This section is about reveals concerning the Charleston Shoe Thieves, for information about the rest of the League see Library.

During Season β20, information about Blaseball's past was revealed in the Library.

In Season A, the Charleston Shoe Thieves were revealed to be one of the original 30 Ultra League Blaseball teams to be there from the beginning of the league. However, there was no information on which subleague the Shoe Thieves were a part of at the time. Season A was revealed at the start of Season 20.

James Nolan, a former Shoe Thieves lineup player, was revealed. James played for the Shoe Thieves in Season A and Season B, and was incinerated at an unknown time. At the end of both seasons, James was named an MVP for being the Stolen Base leader, with 25 Bases Stolen in Season A and 39 Bases Stolen in Season B. James earned the  Ego+ modification following Season A, and the  Ego++ modification following Season B. Season B was revealed at the start of Day 71.

Following the Season 20 Elections, a new Chapter was revealed in the library, indicating the Shoe Thieves were still a part of the ILB for its return in Season AA.

Election Outcomes


Post Election