Sneaker Pete

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Charleston Shoe Thieves mascot "Sneaker Pete" was originally a common, non-footwear-based criminal who sought shelter from the authorities at Choux Stadium. Quickly being apprehended by the team's legendarily wily players, Pete turned the tables by invoking the ancient right of parlay, giving him the opening he needed to negotiate a deal with the Shoe Thieves star pitcher Cornelius Games. He offered to serve as a mascot for the team, asking only that the team invoke the Ancient Splorts Law which placed mascots' actions as solely under their teams' jurisdiction, thus permanently shielding him from justice. Impressed, Cornelius called a team meeting to vote on it, and to Pete's surprise he got the job on the condition that he never, under any circumstance remove an oversized novelty sneaker from his head.

From that day on, Sneaker Pete has terrorized the greater Charleston area with impunity. Though his crimes continue to generally have little to do with shoes, he has taken up the practice of adding a single sneaker to each new haul, as a sign of appreciation toward his benefactors.


  • Contrary to popular belief his name does not appear to actually Sneaker Pete. While his true name remains unknown, legal documents suggest that he was previously known under the alias of "Lefty Lawrence".
  • He keeps his head sneaker in place using rubber cement.