Sunken Charleston Remembrance Obelisk

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The Sunken Charleston Remembrance Obelisk is a landmark in Charleston. Erected at an unknown date, the Obelisk is 448 feet high and constructed of a black substance similar to stone. When initially discovered the Obelisk was inscribed with 10,472 names, none of which appear in any census records or newspapers associated with either Charleston or the former population of Sunken Charleston. However, many residents reported names that caused "an aching sense of grief and familiarity", and it is currently surmised the inscribed names were former residents of Charleston before The Sinking, present fate unknown.

While the unknown material composing the Obelisk is remarkably durable, showing no signs of damage even when scratched with cut diamonds, those who choose to add names to the surface find it remarkably soft and workable, with a local mason describing it as "yielding, almost like flesh." No regulations about what names may be added exist, but traditionally only those who have died in particularly violent or inexplicable ways (such as Incineration) are recorded on the Obelisk. The consequences of adding a living person's name to the Obelisk are unknown, and it is currently unclear if this has ever been attempted.

Notable Names Inscribed